Adult Self Esteem Can Be Changed!

Yes, adult self esteem can be changed!  Imagine creating our lives rather than complaining about them?  Imagine everything working in our lives?  Imagine being too busy focusing on our own lives  and not worrying about what others thought of us at all? Impossible?  We’ll see.

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As adults we think we know better.  Some of us think we’ve got it all figured out.  Mark Twain once said and I am paraphrasing here “It’s not what you don’t know that can hurt you, It’s what you know for sure, that just ain’t so”. 

Would we rather be right and unhappy, or would we rather be wrong and happy.  Yes, it takes courage to change.  Yes, change can cause upset.  It rocks the boat.  We are definitely out of our comfort zone when we are changing.  Yes it’s safe to be comfortable.  Fortunately, there is no growth in the comfort zone!

Changing Adult Self Esteem

If we are willing, even as adults, we can increase our self esteem. It’s never too late to change.  It doesn’t matter how old one is, how frail, how unhappy, unhealthy, poor, etc change is the only thing that is constant in our world.  If we are willing...

Top 10 Ideas To Increase Adult Self Esteem

  1. Self Esteem Affirmations.
  2. Affirmation posters.
  3. Learn to take responsibility.
  4. Put yourself first in your life.
  5. Do something just for you every week, then every day!
  6. Learn to say no and feel good about it.
  7. Journal.
  8. Get help in counseling.
  9. Learn to be a better listener.
  10. Be a better parent.

Self Esteem Affirmations.

  • Doing self esteem affirmations is one of the most powerful things we can do to create self change.

Affirmation Posters.

  • Affirmation posters help us stay focused on what matters, on what is really important to us.

Learn to take responsibility.

  • When we take responsibility for anything in our lives, our self esteem immediately increases.  When we take responsibility for everything in our life, self esteem sky rockets

Put yourself first in your life.

  • So many of us put ourselves 2nd, 3rd or even 4th in our lives behind kids, careers, jobs etc.  When we start to put ourselves first, it can be uncomfortable. However, it’s just like exercising a new muscle.  All it takes is practice. 

Do something just for you every week, then every day.

  • Doing something for ourselves every week can help us have something to look forward to.  When we do this every day, we can really begin to feel good about ourselves, and this increases self esteem.

Learn to say no, and feel good about it!

  • If one is a people pleaser this may be a challenge.  However, like anything new in life, it just takes practice.  It also helps with establishing healthy boundaries, and keeping our power rather than constantly giving it away.


  • Journalling can help release negative mind sets.  When we write out our negative thoughts and feelings, our minds can get quieter.  Once the mind is quiet, it becomes easier to create life.

Get help in counseling.

  • If the going gets too rough.  If the feelings are overwhelming counseling can be a great alternative for getting the necessary help.  Always remember, to be in charge of your life.  All counselors are not the same.  Find one that you can trust so you can let your guard down and open up to receiving help.

Learn to be a better listener.

  • Everyone wants to be heard.  Learn active listening and passive listening to increase communication skills.  When you become a better listener people will want to listen to you too.

Be a better parent.

  • For those of us who are parents, learning new skills in this area will always make us feel better and increase our self esteem.

Adult self esteem is necessary to live happy, healthy, successful lives.  Life doesn’t have to be a slow decline to nursing homes and  degenerative diseases.  We can have it be the way we want!

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