Affirmation Posters Keep Us Inspired!

Affirmation posters are a great technique to help us stay focused on our journey to high self esteem! They are fun to make and wonderful to look at. They can be done alone or with a partner.

What Are Affirmation Posters?

It's a poster board that contains all kinds of positive affirmations relating to one's life. The 2 best ways to create these special poster boards are:

Simply choose a poster board, one that is your favorite color. Fill this poster board with all kinds of positive affirmations. Remember to write them in the present tense. For example: I Dave, am a powerful, happy, healthy man. You can divide up the poster board into various sections such as:

  • Health
  • Career
  • Body
  • Family
  • Leisure
  • Money
  • Relationships

We can write out the affirmations or type them in a computer and print them out onto white paper, changing the font sizes etc or use colored paper instead. I like using colored paper and different font sizes and styles.
Scissors and a glue stick are a must for this exercise

The next way, and the one I prefer, is to combine affirmations with pictures.   This is very powerful because it adds a visual element to the already written one. I recommend acquiring as many old magazines as possible. Look through these magazines for any inspiring pictures as well as words that can be used as possible affirmations.  


My current poster board combines affirmations and pictures. It has a time frame of 5 years which I put at the top of the poster board. It is green, one of my favorite colors.  Another thing I have done, and I highly recommend, is to add a spiritual source in the middle of the poster board. This can be anything that relates to you spiritually such as:

  • Picture of Jesus, Buddha etc
  • Picture of the universe
  • Picture of nature

I have an amazing picture of the universe that I cut into the shape of a heart. The spiritual source reminds us we are part of something bigger than just our bodies, minds, thoughts, opinions etc.  It is another way of saying “be in this world, but not of it”. 

Also add pictures of yourself as well as words. I have pictures of myself and with my partner Louise, scattered about under various sections such as body; health and relationship.  This makes it more personal and adds more visual power.

It is also healthy for our self esteem because when we see positive words and pictures of ourselves and what we want out of life, we naturally feel good about ourselves. It is a healthy positive reminder of what we really value and find important in our lives.

Finally at the bottom of the poster board I write out the following:

This or something better now manifests for the good of all concerned. I gave thanks that this is so. Thank you God in me.  

This is another way of acknowledging our spiritual source.

Affirmation posters help us to stay focused on what we really want.  With pictures and words, this can be a powerful tool to help stay motivated and on purpose with boosting self esteem. It is always inspiring to look at and reminds us of what really matters to us. 

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