Male Self Esteem Increased!

Male self esteem can be vastly improved by using these techniques:

1). Learn to take responsibility.

2). Use self esteem affirmations to change one’s mindset to a positive one.

3). Create an affirmation poster to help stay focused on what is really important in life.

Male Self Esteem

1). Learn to take responsibility.

Learning to take responsibility is so important to improving one’s self esteem. It is the one exercise that makes such a profound difference I cannot stress it enough.

Here’s what happens when we don’t take responsibility. We feel like a victim of our circumstances. We search out someone or something to blame. We give our personal power away.

Now when we take responsibility for ourselves we create or make our circumstances. We stop the blame game, realizing it’s us. We keep our personal power and use it lovingly and wisely in the creation of our lives.

React and create. React and create. Reacting means we’ve given our power away to someone or something. Creating means we are actively using our personal power to experience more of what we genuinely, sincerely want. Big, big difference.

How Do We Take Responsibility?

Pay attention!! Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking and the feelings you are feeling. If your thoughts and feelings are negative and repetitive take notice. Especially take notice if the thoughts are blaming ones. Say to yourself I now take responsibility for myself. Then write out self esteem affirmations.

2). Use Self Esteem Affirmations To Change One’s Mindset To A Positive One.

A self esteem affirmation is a positive in the present moment statement powerfully designed to change one’s mindset from a negative one to a positive one. I personally have written thousands of them and can say without hesitation, they work and they work well. I have definitely increased my male self esteem.

Take your most negative thought, say in this case it’s I never take responsibility for myself. Flip it around into a positive self esteem affirmation. Write out I (your first name) now take responsibility for myself. Do this 30 times a day. On the right hand side of the paper, after each written affirmation, write your ego minds response.

Your ego minds response is your first thought you have (usually negative) after writing the affirmation. Now after a week or so of writing the affirmations you notice an ego minds response that repeats itself the most times. Take that ego minds response and flip it around into a positive self esteem affirmation. Then continue the process remembering to write the ego minds response after each affirmation.

What you are doing is unraveling all the negativity and resistance to taking responsibility for yourself. Once the ego minds response is mostly neutral or even positive you know your mindset is changing to a more positive one. See self esteem affirmations for more great information.

3). Create An Affirmation Poster To Help Stay Focused On What Is Really Important In Life.

An affirmation poster is simply a poster board of your favorite color with a bunch of affirmations on it. It is designed to help you maintain your focus on what you really want out of life as opposed to what you don’t want. You can also use pictures cut out of magazines to make the process more visual. See affirmation posters for all the detailed information you will need to create an outstanding affirmation poster to inspire you.

Male self esteem is guaranteed to improve with using these 3 techniques. Feel your self esteem grow as you feel better about yourself.

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