Self Esteem Affirmations For Positive Change!

Using self esteem affirmations will change who we are, and how we do things in life.  They can have a profound impact on our overall well being and on all our relationships.  Our negative thoughts and experiences now become positive ones, and life miraculously changes. 

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What Is An Affirmation?

A self esteem affirmation is simply a positive statement about ourselves, written or spoken, in the present tense.

10 Examples Of Self Esteem Affirmations

  1. I Dave, am a powerful, happy, successful man.
  2. I Louise am a beautiful, prosperous, intelligent woman.
  3. I Dave completely forgive myself.
  4. I Louise love, approve and accept myself just the way I am.
  5. I Dave am now moving forward in my life.
  6. I Louise am good enough just the way I am.
  7. Because I Dave take responsibility for my life, I have great self esteem.
  8. I Louise love feeling good in my body.
  9. The more I Dave put myself first in my life, the happier I am.
  10. I Louise do it more than good enough.

Do Affirmations Work?

After doing thousands and thousands of them, and experiencing many positive changes I can say without question, yes they work!

Why Do Affirmations Work?

  • With persistent and proper use, they can change our negative beliefs about ourselves.
  • When these negative beliefs are changed and replaced with more positive ideas, our outer world changes to reflect our inner world, our new positive belief system.
  • This means, our circumstances in life now reflect our positive belief system.
  • For example if I have a belief I can never be successful in anything I do, and I change that belief with using positive affirmations, my circumstances in life now show me as being successful in whatever I do.

Why Do Affirmations Not Work?

Affirmations don’t work because of number 3 in the following statements:

  1. Positive thought plus positive feeling equals positive result.
  2. Negative thought plus negative feeling equals negative result.
  3. Positive thought plus negative feeling equals negative result.

The possibility of change is high with statement number 1.  With statement number 3, the negative feeling(s) will always override the positive thought.  These feelings must be identified and felt, so that positive feelings take their place. 

The 3 Best Ways To Do Self Esteem Affirmations!

  • Simply write a positive statement 30 times a day, in the present tense.  However, write out the first 10 sentences, with I, then your name, followed by the rest of the sentence.

    For example: I Dave am a powerful, happy, successful man.  Then write out the next 10 sentences, with you, then your name etc.

    For example: You, Dave are a powerful, happy successful man. Finally write out the last 10 sentences using the 3rd person.

        For example: Dave, is a powerful, happy, successful man. 

  • A second way to write these positive self statements is to take a piece of lined paper and  draw a line vertically down the middle of the paper.  On the left side of the paper write out the positive self esteem affirmation.  Immediately, write on the right side of the line, the first thought upon writing the affirmation.  It will usually be negative.

     For example:  I Dave am a powerful, happy, successful man (on the left side of the paper).  Oh yeah, sure, you don’t know what you’re talking about. (on the right side of the line).   Keep doing this with writing out the daily 30 affirmations as outlined in the first example.

    When you see a pattern emerge on the right side of the paper ie the same negative statement repeated 3, 4 or maybe even 5 times take note.  Take that negative statement and turn it around into a positive one and repeat the process.

    For example.  If I see the same negative statement repeated 3 times and it reads, "I don’t believe it", I simply turn it around into a positive one.  I Dave now believe I am a powerful, happy, successful man.  

Self esteem affirmations are one of the best ways of boosting self esteem and feeling better about who we are and having what we want.  They help change our negative mindsets into positive ones and our negative feelings into happy ones. 

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