Self Esteem Activities For Women Priceless!

Self esteem activities for women is a 2 part process. The first part is a fun, creative activity guaranteed to lift one’s spirit and put a smile on your face. Time for the little girl in you to express herself.

The second part is where it gets more serious and demanding. The rewards however, are priceless!

Self Esteem Activities For Women - Part 1

Make an affirmation poster!

Buy your favorite color poster board. Expect to pay only a few dollars at a local drug store or art supply shop. Make sure you have a glue stick and scissors on hand. If you have a lap top or a desktop with a printer even better. You can use these items to type, change the font and size of the letters and print off the affirmations.

One of the things I did when making my affirmation board was to use colored paper – green, red, blue, yellow etc. This made the “board” stand out and really caught my eye whenever I looked at it.

In a quiet moment think of the worst most negative thoughts you have about yourself. Write them down. Now take these nasty negative thoughts and flip them around to positive affirming thoughts.

For example: Say one of the worst negative thoughts I have is “I hate myself”. I flip that around to “I like myself” or even “I love myself”. I write that down beside the negative thought. Then I continue down the list until it’s all done.

If you have a computer with a printer open up a text program like WORD and start typing the new positive affirmations. Have fun with this process by changing the font and size of the letters.

If you don’t have a printer, print out the affirmations on a blank piece of paper. Use a different colored pen, pencil or crayon to spice it up and also make the letters larger to stand out.

Once you are finished cut out the affirmations and use the glue stick to paste them to the poster board. Tack the poster board to a wall that you frequently walk by and see!

Making an affirmation board reminds us of what we want to be true for ourselves!! It is fun and creative to make and inspiring to look at!!

Self Esteem Activities For Women - Part Two

The second part of this process is where it gets more serious and demanding. The second part is where we do self esteem affirmations. Self esteem affirmations are positive in the present moment statements designed to change one’s negative mindset to a positive one.

Mirror work

Normally I suggest writing out the self esteem affirmation and in this case I offer up something different and far more powerful and effective.

Now take the list you made up in Part one. Rather than type and paste the positive affirmations on to a poster board, you are now going to stand in front of a mirror and say out loud one positive affirmation 10 times a day.

For example: On my list I have “I like myself” written out. I take that affirmation and say it out loud 10 times a day making sure I am looking directly into my eyes.


You may become emotional particularly if you have a lot of self-hatred or low self esteem. Be very gentle with yourself. Feelings are only meant to be felt and released. That’s all!! If it gets too emotional or uncomfortable, stop and take a break. Go at it on another day. Know, just know, that self-change is taking place. You are becoming a better you!!

Self esteem activities for women are powerful, effective and self-changing!

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