Self Esteem For Women Heightened Self Awareness!

Self esteem for women is designed to increase self esteem for all women.

Self esteem is not gender based. It is directly related to how one genuinely sincerely thinks and feels about oneself regardless of being a female or male.

Having said that, there are some North American cultural myths and/or pressures which must be looked at:

1). It’s better to be slim and attractive than overweight and plain looking.

2). Women are less assertive than men.

3). Women being of the fairer sex are less competitive than men.

4). Women are more emotional than men.

What do these cultural myths have to do with self esteem for women? Nothing. Absolutely nothing if you don’t pay attention to any of these myths.

Self Esteem For Women!

What do you need to pay attention to?

1). Liking or even loving yourself.

2). Learning to put yourself first in your life.

3). Forgiving yourself and anyone else that needs to be forgiven.

1). How do we like or even love ourselves?

We do this by doing self esteem affirmations. An affirmation is a positive in the present moment statement designed to change one’s consciousness from a negative one to a positive one.

Write down all the negative thoughts about yourself. Pick the one you feel represents the most negative thought you have about yourself. Now flip that negative statement around to a positive statement. For example if “I hate myself” is my most negative thought, I flip it around to “I like myself” or even “I love myself”.

Write this positive statement out on a piece of paper. On the immediate right of the affirmation, write out your ego minds response. Your ego minds response is the first thought you have (usually negative) that you think after writing the affirmation. Write out the affirmation with the corresponding ego minds response 30 times a day.

Now after a week or so you notice an ego minds response that repeats itself the most times. Take that negative statement and flip it around to a positive affirmation and write it out 30 times a day with the corresponding ego minds response.

Keep doing this exercise until your ego minds response is mostly neutral or even positive. This is how you will know you are changing your mind to liking yourself. This may take several weeks to even a few months depending on how much negativity needs to be acknowledged and released.

What you are doing is acknowledging and releasing any and all negativity you have built up inside to liking or even loving yourself.

2). How do we learn to put ourselves first in our lives?

Put ourselves first in our lives by recognizing and meeting our own needs first. Often we depend on our loved ones to meet some of our needs.

For example: The need to be loved or taken care of. Now that we are self-responsible we can take care of this need by upping the love for ourselves.

How do we up the love for ourselves?

Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention. Pay attention to our internal “signals”. Listen to our self-talk. Our self-talk is usually ego based and negative. It is that voice inside our heads that tells us we’re too stupid, fat, ugly, not good enough, non-deserving, lazy, poor, and unhealthy and on and on and on.

If we can take the worst most negative thought we have about ourselves and flip it around to a positive, in the moment statement, we are now upping the love for ourselves.

We are also increasing our self-awareness. By becoming more self-aware we are changing our internal landscape. The landscape made up of our thoughts, feelings and our spirit. Our internal world.

For example: If the worst thought I have about myself is “I hate myself”, I flip that negative statement around to “I like myself” or even “I love myself”. I say this to myself as often as I can throughout the day. I even write it out 30 times a day for several weeks or until I can literally “feel” the change to “Hey, I do like myself.”

Take responsibility for ourselves and our life. No person, place or thing can make us think what we think, feel what we feel or do what we do. It’s all us. Take ownership of ourselves and our lives.

When we take responsibility for ourselves and our life we stop being a victim of our circumstances. Instead we create more of what we want as opposed to reacting to what we don’t want.

3). Forgive ourselves and others. The best exercise to do for self esteem for women!

This is a very very important exercise to do for self esteem for women. When we ultimately forgive ourselves and others our self esteem gets a tremendous boost. Not only does our self esteem greatly increase, our RECEIVING love, good health, peace, happiness and prosperity dramatically improves too.

This is because current and/or suppressed guilt blocks all the good from coming into our lives and keeps us feeling “stuck”.

By forgiving ourselves and others we are finally giving up the resentment and the need to punish!!

How do we forgive ourselves and others?

We do this by doing the most powerful self esteem affirmation I know.

Write out the following affirmation 70 times a day, for 7 consecutive days:

I (your first name) completely forgive myself. Substitute myself for anyone else you need to forgive. If feelings arise for whatever reason, feel them and release them. This is all part of the healing process.

Self esteem for women is a very empowering article. It is designed for women to forgive themselves and get their personal power back. Personal power means we have choice in the matter. The ability to choose what we want to create rather than react to what we don’t want!

My how you’ve changed since I’ve changed!!

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