Self Esteem Exercises For Self Responsibility!

Here is one of the best self esteem exercises I know to immediately improve self esteem.

To take responsibility is to change one’s life now.  To take responsibility for everything in one’s life is to change one’s life forever.  Self responsibility and self esteem go hand in hand.  When we do the first, the second improves immediately. Even if responsibility is taken for only some aspects of one’s life, the impact on self esteem is still immediate.

One Of The Best Self Esteem Exercises.

In a quiet place and space, grab a blank piece of 8 ½ by 11 inch paper,(lined okay, completely blank fine), a pencil and a hardcover book to place the paper on.   Please make sure there are no possibilities of being interrupted, such as kids, cell phones, etc. 

On this piece of paper, draw a small circle in the middle of the paper, say around 3 inches in diameter, (doesn’t have to be a perfect circle).  Now on the outside of this 3 inch circle write down the following anywhere in that blank space:

  • My Family, My Body, My Money, My Friends.
  • My Intimate relationships, My Job.
  • My Thoughts, My Feelings, My Opinions.
  • My Leisure time, My traveling, My Health
  • My Career, My School.
  • My judgements of myself and others.

Now we need to ask ourselves the all important question “What do all these things have in common?”

Write down the answer inside the 3 inch circle.  Be as honest as possible.  There are no wrong or right answers.  Take your time. 

The only answer that will immediately improve our self esteem is ME.   What do all those things have in common?!!   ME!   

This is one of the most powerful and useful self esteem exercises I know!

Taking Responsibility

When we stop being a victim. When we stop blaming others for our misfortunes. When we stop projecting on others, and take responsibility for ourselves, our self esteem immediately increases and we get our power back.  It’s 100% zero, not 50 50!

When our self esteem increases and we get our power back, our focus changes.  We now focus on ourselves and what makes us genuinely happy. 

Taking responsibility is taking ownership of our lives and everything in it. If this is hard to get, I understand.  I had a hard time too.  I didn’t initially believe in taking responsibility for anything.  I blamed my parents, my teachers, my friends, my girlfriends etc for my unhappiness.   I used to rant and rave and point my finger a lot.

I changed when I got the cost of blaming others.  The cost of blaming others is I get to have a poor relationship with them.  Then I started taking responsibility and everything changed. 

To the degree that we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, is the degree we immediately improve our self esteem. When we know it’s us, our self esteem gets better.  We automatically feel better about ourselves.  Then the real dance begins and we can move forward into high self esteem.  

If you answered ME to this fundamental question, What do all these things have in common?”  CONGRATULATIONS!! Just by acknowledging putting ME in the small circle your self esteem has been improved.  Acknowledgement is a powerful tool because of acknowledging the truth of what’s so.

If you  did not answer because you didn’t know, and still playing the blame game to some degree, and if there is some willingness to take responsibility for ourselves and our lives.  CONGRATULATIONS. Just by acknowledging your willingess, your self esteem has been improved

If you did not answer, or came up with an answer other than ME, AND still feel like a complete victim, with no willingness to take responsibility, then this website is not for you.  Nothing I say will make any difference.

Learning to take responsibility by doing one of the best self esteem exercises I know, is so essential to our self esteem.  We always feel better when we are being responsible rather than irresponsible.  Without it, we are incapable of growing and feeling better about who we are and what we are doing in life.  With it, life becomes a creation.   

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