Men With Low Self Esteem Is A Too Commonplace Experience!

 This article on men with low self esteem helps men get their power back in healthy life affirming ways.

Symptoms Of Men With Low Self Esteem

1). Depression

2). Being irresponsible

3). Not feeling good enough most of the time

4). Unresolved addiction issues

5). Emotionally suppressed

No matter the symptoms with this 3 point plan you will not only feel better, you will be powerful, happy, healthy and successful too.

3 point plan for men with low self esteem 

1). Emotional work

2). Learn to take responsibility

3). Self esteem affirmations.

Emotional Work

Working with our feelings with men with low self esteem, can be most challenging, yet the rewards are so great. Feeling and RELEASING feelings especially feelings that have been suppressed for a while can go a long way to supporting one’s overall physical health, increasing self esteem and retaining personal power.


If you feel angry or even think you might feel angry, especially if you are depressed, rest assured the following exercise will help.

Take a baseball bat or tennis racquet and beat the crap out of your bed. That’s right, you read it right! You are not hurting yourself and you’re certainly not hurting the bed. To make this exercise even more powerful and meaningful, before you do any thrashing of the bed, do this written exercise.

Write down all the things you feel angry about. Pick the one that you feel most angry about. Flip that statement around into a positive self esteem affirmation. Now, when you beat the bed, say or better yet, yell out that positive statement. Give yourself permission to really be angry. Remember, the bed won’t take it personally. Really let go and get into it.

Examples of anger for men with low self esteem:                                           

I’m angry because my life sucks.    Positive self esteem affirmation: My life is great!!

I’m angry because nothing is working out.  Positive self esteem affirmation: Everything is working out!!

I’m angry because I am broke.    Positive self esteem affirmation. I (your first name) am a powerful, prosperous man!!

I’m angry because my girlfriend dumped me.   Positive self esteem affirmation. I (your first name) now forgive (first name of ex girlfriend).

Do this exercise when you’re alone in the house or if you have family around explain to them what you are about to do. Lock the bedroom door if you can.


You might feel half-hearted about doing this exercise and won’t allow yourself to fully get into it. You might also feel somewhat embarrassed and uncomfortable about expressing the anger. No one has ever died of embarrassment or being uncomfortable. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

If you are really into it and you are somewhat surprised at the amount of anger that keeps coming up and you start to feel overwhelmed. Take a break. Feelings only need to be felt AND released, nothing more needs to be done with them. If we have a lot of anger and it hasn’t been expressed in an appropriate manner, it may take a few sessions of beating the bed to express it all.

How do you beat the bed and yell out “My life is great” when there is absolutely no evidence to speak of that one’s life is great?!! Trust in the process. Get out of your head – don’t try to figure it all out. Expressing and releasing the anger is the main intention of this exercise.


Guilt keeps us stuck, forever rehashing what we feel we did wrong. The only way out is through forgiveness.

Write out EVERYTHING you feel guilty about on a piece of paper. When you are finished and feel you have mined the depths of your guilt, write across the page FORGIVEN. Burn the page.

Write out this self esteem affirmation: I (your first name) completely forgive myself. The word completely is important. Write the affirmation 70 times a day for 7 consecutive days.


Allow yourself to cry, preferably in the comfort and privacy of one’s bedroom or with a partner you love and trust.

Learn To Take Responsibility

Taking responsibility immediately increases self esteem and personal power. We no longer feel like a victim and life becomes a creation rather than a reaction.  Please see self esteem exercises for the best exercise I know of in learning to take responsibility.

Self Esteem Affirmations

A self esteem affirmation is a powerful, positive in the present moment statement designed to change one’s negative mindset into a positive one. When this happens one’s external circumstances actually change to reflect the new positive thought pattern. The outer always reflects the inner.

How It All Works

Let’s say one’s most negative thought is “I am not good enough”. Flip it around to a positive affirmation “I am good enough” even when there is no evidence to suggest otherwise. Now write on a piece of paper “I (your first name) am good enough”.  Leave enough room on the right side of the paper to write your ego minds response.

Your ego minds response is the first thought you have (usually negative), after writing the affirmation. Keep doing this 30 times a day. After 5,6 or 7 days, if you notice a certain ego minds response repeats itself, take that response and turn it into a positive affirmation. Repeat the process until your ego minds response is positive or mostly neutral.

That is how you will know your mindset is changing to a more positive one.

Expect miracles. Changing one’s mindset is a powerful, powerful exercise. Not necessarily easy. Determination and perseverance are needed.

If a man is committed to doing these exercises his life will permanently change for the better.

This article on men with low self esteem is a very very useful tool and absolutely necessary in a man’s proverbial tool belt!!

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