Self Esteem Worksheets Are A Great Tool!

 Self esteem worksheets are a great tool to help identify where we need to change! 

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Self esteem worksheets ask certain questions to help us get to know ourselves on a deeper level.  They can help show us parts of ourselves that we may not know about or don’t like.  With this knowledge we can take action and improve our self esteem.

Self Esteem Worksheets for Adults.

The following worksheets are designed specifically for adults.  They ask certain questions about our past, particularly our relationships with our parents. 

Our relationships with our parents determines to a large degree our relationships to ourselves.  We treat ourselves the way we were treated by our parents. 

If we had positive role models in our upbringing, then it is very likely, we have little of the low self esteem signs that show up for most of us on this planet.

If our childhood was more negative then we are likely to experience some degree of low esteem as an adult.

Most of us did not get our childhood dependency needs met by our parents.  These are needs we cannot get met by ourselves.  We must get them from our significant caretakers in life.  

Dependency needs are part of the critical childhood development stages.  These stages are as follows:

School age

For each of these stages, there are definite dependency needs that a child relies on their parent to get met.

For example:

Infant Dependency Needs ( 0 months to 9 months). Besides the obvious needs of food, changing diapers, shelter there are some others just as important:  the need to be touched, the need to be loved, to feel safe, the need to hear welcoming loving voices, a safe sure voice that signals a high degree of security.  It establishes trust. The infant is saying “I can trust what I need to be there” The more that this happens for the infant, the more he or she, grows up to trust the world. 

Toddler Dependency Needs: (9 months to 3 years). The age of exploration and separation.  The need to explore one’s environment and the need to separate from one’s parents (commonly called the terrible 2’s). The need to explore and the need to say no and have that be okay.

The reason we did not get these dependency needs met, is our parents did not get theirs met as well.  They cannot give us what they themselves did not receive from their parents. This is very common and seems to be part of the human condition. 

The self esteem worksheets for adults will focus to some degree on these dependency needs and whether they got met or not.  They have a direct impact on one’s self esteem.  The more of these needs we received the better our self esteem is as an adult.

Self Esteem Worksheets For Teens.

These worksheets will focus on their relationships with their parents.  Since teens are younger in years than adults, it may be easier, perhaps more challenging, to recall their relationships good or bad, with their parents. 

There will be some emphasis on dependency needs as they are younger than adults and may have clearer memories of what took place in their childhood.  For what they don’t remember having a respectful conversation with their parents can help shed some light on their situation.

These self esteem worksheets are designed to help one discover where to put the effort in to increase self esteem.   There are no time limits, so work at an easy pace.  

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