Self Esteem Exercises For Women Is A Joyful Workout!!

Self esteem exercises for women is guaranteed to raise self esteem.

Two Of The Best Self Esteem Exercises For Women.

1). Learning to put yourself 1st in your life.

This can be a very challenging exercise to do because traditionally women have learned to put others first in their life, like their spouse, boyfriend, family, kids and career.

All it takes is a bit of practice and patience.  Little changes as opposed to big ones.

a). Make a list of ALL the things you do in putting others first in your life.  By writing it all down you are becoming more self aware of the extent you put others first. By writing it all down you can visibly see what changes you might want to make.

b). Make a list of all the things you could do in putting yourself first.  The goal here is to find the balance between putting yourself first and putting others first.  There might be some situations where you have to put others first like with small children who rely upon you to help get their dependency needs met.

Some examples of putting yourself first:

  • read a book
  • go to a movie
  • go for a walk in nature
  • have a bath
  • watch some mindless TV
  • make yourself a great meal
  • go for a workout
  • visit a best friend.


The benefits of putting oneself first in one’s life are huge. First of all it directly impacts self esteem. Self esteem immediately increases as one experiences more balance in one’s life – more of an equal measure of putting oneself first versus putting others first.

Also, it is very hard to give to others, when you haven’t first given to yourself. It is like giving when the “well is half empty”. It can be done but one must work harder at the giving. When the “well is full” or almost full, the giving is a joy.  No more sacrificing. No more obligation. Give from a full place, AFTER, you’ve given to yourself!!


Guilt. The biggest challenge is feeling guilty for putting yourself first in your life. Write down all the things you feel guilty about. Write FORGIVEN across the page when you are done. Guilt keeps us stuck. Forgiveness is the freedom to move. DO NOT believe in your guilt. It is just a feeling – meant to be felt and released. Feel the guilt AND put yourself first anyway!!

2). Learning to take responsibility

Learning self responsibility is stopping the “blame game” and taking ownership of oneself and everything in one’s life. Please see self esteem exercises for a test on how to take ownership of one’s life. When one can do this life becomes a creation rather than a reaction. When we do this we focus more on what we want out of life and less on what we don’t want.

These self esteem exercises for women are designed to give women their power back. Power is having choice in the matter. Power is making a difference in one’s life and in the lives of those you love.

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