What Is Self Esteem?

What is self esteem? We hear about people working on their self esteem and having issues is this area.  What's it all mean? 

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Self esteem is directly tied to our self worth. Self worth is the feeling that we matter, that we are worthy just for being ourselves. It is our honest opinion about our self.

There is nothing we have to do to establish our self worth.  When we are born we automatically have self worth.

As babies we are generally in love with ourselves and life.  Remember hearing a baby laugh for the first time? We can't help but laugh ourselves. That sound is so pure and genuine. That is the sound of self esteem!

Self esteem is also how we feel about ourselves. Do we know how we really feel about ourselves? Can we be ruthlessly honest here? Do we try to deceive ourselves sometimes, by telling ourselves we are okay, when deep down we don't feel that way at all?

Better said, self esteem is not only our honest opinion about ourselves, it is also how we genuinely feel about ourselves.

What Is Not Self Esteem

  • Our grandiose opinion of our self. Completely unrealistic.
  • Our judgements of our self.
  • Others judgements of us.
  • Others opinions of us.

It is easy for us to get caught up in what others think of us when what we think of us, is of a low opinion. When we have a low opinion of ourselves, what others think of us becomes more important in that moment.

When we change our opinion of ourselves to one that says "I am really ok" and "I feel ok about myself", then our whole world changes. What others think doesn't matter anymore.

This is such a simple yet profound way of looking at life. Our self esteem is directly affected by how we feel about ourselves. Change the way we feel and change our self esteem. Feel great about ourselves and feel great self esteem. Isn't it amazing! Simple, not necessarily easy to do, yet profound all the same.

 What Does Self Esteem Do For Us?

When we feel good about ourselves we make better choices in life. Our lives become easier and less of a struggle. Our relationships work and work itself can be fun. We create more and complain less.

So, what is self esteem? Self esteem means we have self worth. We are worthy. We are okay just the way we are, with nothing added or taken away. It is a being thing, not a doing thing. To create more self esteem, is to remove the blocks and obstacles, we have built up inside ourselves, to experiencing a healthy realistic positive feeling and opinion of who we are.

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