The Importance Of Self Esteem Is Undeniable!

The importance of self esteem cannot be denied.  We need it to be happy, healthy, successful people.  The more we feel good about ourselves, the more healthier choices are made and the easier our lives become.

Please see self acceptance.

Please see self esteem facts.

Please see why is self esteem important?

The Top 10 On The Importance Of Self Esteem

  1. It helps us have a good relationship with ourselves.
  2. Because we have a good relationship with ourselves we can have good relationships with others.
  3. With self esteem comes self responsibility. 
  4. We take ownership of our lives.
  5. We focus on ourselves and what makes us genuinely happy. 
  6. We create more, complain less. 
  7. Doing what we love becomes possible.
  8. We can have a healthy positive body image.
  9. What others think of us is not as important as what we think of ourselves.
  10. The past is not as important as the present and the future.

Why Do We Value Self Esteem?

We value self esteem because everyone at one time or another, has experienced low self esteem and all the negative thoughts, feelings and experiences that go with it.  No one to my knowledge likes low self esteem.  We want to naturally feel good about who we are.  When we don’t, something’s not right, and needs to be fixed. 

When we feel good about who we are, our lives become more enjoyable and easier.  Life becomes more of a creation.  When we lighten up, those around us, lighten up.  We attract more like minded people creating their own lives.  This helps to affirm our self worth and remind us that life was never meant to be a struggle. 

What Impact Does The Importance Of Self Esteem Have On Our Daily Life

Self esteem has a direct impact on our daily life.  We don’t leave home without it, and we don’t come home without it.  It is part of us because of its relationship to our self worth.

When we have self esteem our daily choices are easier to make:

  • Our relationships are more enjoyable and fun.
  • We enjoy parenting rather than seeing it as a chore.
  • Money issues are easy to resolve.
  • We spend time on more of what we love.
  • We create more, complain less.
  • We want to feel good in our bodies and do things like regular exercise and healthy eating.
  • We worry less about what others think, and focus more on what we think.
  • A positive healthy body image is cultivated. 

The importance of self esteem impacts everything in our lives.  From who we are, to what we do, and to whom we relate to.  It allows us to create a life that is worth living!

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