Self Esteem Activities For Life!

 Doing just 1 of the following self esteem activities will improve self esteem.  Doing several will have a profound impact, and greatly improve feeling better about oneself.

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The 10 Best Self Esteem Activities Are:

  1. Write or speak self esteem affirmations.
  2. Make an affirmation poster and or vision board.
  3. Go to the gym.
  4. Start a Healthy Eating Program.
  5. Learn Active Listening.
  6. Learn Passive Listening.
  7. Learn Speaking in the “I”
  8. Learn to take responsibility.
  9. Make a list of 10 things that would have to happen in order to feel better.
  10. Do something just for you, once a week.

Write or speak self esteem affirmations.

  • Affirmations are positive statements about oneself made in the present tense.
    Example:  I Dave am a happy, healthy, successful man.

    Affirmations are very powerful because they work at the level of the subconscious mind in changing negative thought patterns into positive ones.  When that happens, circumstances change to mirror the new though pattern, and life changes and self esteem increases. See self esteem affirmations.

Make an affirmation poster and or vision board.

  • Affirmation Posters and Vision Boards are poster boards with positive words and/or positive words and  inspiring pictures on them designed to inspire and help with focusing on a new life.  A new life filled with new possibilities and higher self esteem. See affirmation posters.

Go to the gym.

  • Exercising generally makes us feel good.  It has a number of benefits, the least of which is boosting our self esteem. 

Start a Healthy Eating Program.

  • This obvious self esteem activity is all about eating well to feel well.  This is turn allows us to feel better about ourselves and increases self esteem.

Learn Active Listening.

  • Active listening is a communication tool.  This self esteem activity is designed to make one a better  communicator, therefore, have more fulfilling relationships.  It is excellent to use with our kids, who for the most part, just want to be heard.  Once this skill is learned it can be applied to all of our relationships. See active listening.

Learn Passive Listening.

  • Passive listening is another communication tool.  It is a bit easier to learn than active listening, yet can be just as powerful. See passive listening.

Learn speaking in the “I”.

  • Speaking in the I, means to communicate more from using the word “I” in our sentences as opposed to using the word “you”.  It is the last powerful communication tool, we will learn together.  It can have an enormous impact on all our relationships.
  • Because of the way we generally have been brought up when it comes to using the word you in a lot of our sentences, it takes a bit of practice and getting used to. However, the benefits are fantastic and  worth every bit of effort. See I messages.

Learn to take responsibility.

  • Taking responsibility is one of the best self esteem activities to do.  When we take responsibility for ourselves and our lives, miracles can happen.  We get our power back and our focus changes from them to us.  Our self esteem immediately increases. See self esteem exercises.

Make a list of 10 things that would have to happen in order to feel better.

  • It doesn’t have to be 10 things, it could be 4 or 6 or whatever.  If you are feeling lousy about something or someone, take a time out, and make this list.  By doing that, your focus has changed from nothings’ working to how can I make this work and feel good about  myself.

Do something just for you once a week.

  • Read a good book.
    Go out to a nice restaurant.
    Go out to a movie.
    Do nothing (for those who are so stressed for time).
    A nice walk in the park can do wonders for overall wellbeing.
    Have coffee with a friend and just listen.
    Take a luxurious bath.
    Listen to music or better yet relaxation music.
    Have a massage.
    Read the newspaper with no time constraints, especially the “funnies.

These self esteem activities really work to increase self esteem.  Make the effort to learn at least one, preferably a couple. Life will never be the same and will only get better. 

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