Building Self Esteem For Women Is Necessary For Women To Feel Great!

Building self esteem for women is a down to earth practical guide to increasing self esteem.

The 3 Best Ways To Building Self Esteem For Women

  1. Self esteem affirmations.
  2. Self esteem exercise for self responsibility
  3. Make an affirmation poster or vision board.

The best way I personally know of building self esteem for women is through the use of self esteem affirmations.

A self esteem affirmation is a positive, in the present moment, statement designed to raise consciousness. It is a very powerful tool to help with changing your mindset from a negative to a life affirming positive one.

10 examples of powerful self esteem affirmations for women:

1). I (your first name) completely forgive myself.

2). I (your first name) completely forgive (the first name of the person you need to forgive).

3). I (your first name) am good enough just the way I am.

4). I (your first name) am now at my perfect weight.

5). I (your first name) always have enough money to pay all my bills.

6). I (your first name) am now attracting the right boyfriend to me.

7).I (your first name) am a powerful, happy, healthy, successful woman.

8). I (your first name) love myself.

9). I (your first name) put myself first in my life.

10). I (your first name) now take responsibility for myself.

For the first 2 affirmations on forgiveness, write them out 70 times a day for 7 consecutive days.

For the remaining affirmations please follow this process:

1). Write each affirmation 30 times a day on a blank piece of paper.

2). Leave enough room on the right side of the paper for your ego minds response. Your ego minds response is your first thought that comes into your head after writing the affirmation.

3). After 5 or 6 days, notice if any ego minds responses repeat themselves. Pick one response that repeats the most times.

4). Flip that ego minds response around and turn it into a positive affirmation. For example: Say I am writing I Dave love myself. The ego minds response that repeats itself the most is No, you don’t, you really hate yourself! I flip it around and write I Dave really love myself!!

5). Keep writing the affirmation until your ego minds response is mostly neutral or positive.

When this happens you have successfully integrated this new powerful positive statement into your consciousness!! Expect miracles to occur because your outer world reflects your inner world therefore your external circumstances must align with your new thought processes. In others words, that which you constantly affirm, must be true!!

Self Esteem Exercise For Self Responsibility

This is the most powerful, practical, to the point, exercise for learning to take responsibility and immediately building self esteem for women. Please see self esteem exercises.

Affirmation Posters Or Vision Board

An affirmation poster or vision board is simply a poster board of your favorite color with pictures cut out from magazines and pasted on the poster board. With an affirmation poster, positive self esteem affirmations are added, and put below the pictures.

This tool helps one to visualize what is really wanted out of life. It is created to inspire and to remind what is really important. Please see affirmation posters.

If and when a woman commits to doing these 3 exercises, she will transform herself and her life will never be the same. She will be a happy, healthy and successful person!!

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