A Daily Affirmation Keeps The Doctor Away!

 Writing out a positive daily affirmation is a great tool to change our way of thinking and feeling about ourselves and increasing our self esteem! This is where self change can really happen. I recommend working with one affirmation every day until the overall feeling about this affirmation is a positive one. 

Use example 1 in the 3 best ways to use self esteem affirmations. Please see self esteem affirmations.

Example number 2 can also be used, however, caution is advised because of the possibility of “negative feelings” arising the more one cones down from the initial positive affirmation.  Coning down, means getting to the core negative thought or belief one has.  However, with great risk, comes great reward.

Feeling any negative feelings associated with this process can be very powerful, and life changing.  It’s important one doesn’t get overwhelmed and is able to handle feelings of anger, guilt, fear, remorse, sadness etc.  Once these feelings are felt and released, the affirmation has more of a chance to take hold and become the new thought pattern. 

If one is overwhelmed, then I highly recommend seeking professional help.  A counselor, or psychologist, both familiar with family system therapy can be a great help. 

Using example number 3 in the 3 best ways to use self esteem affirmations, can also be powerful and life changing. Some people have a difficult time to simply say out loud," I like you" or "I love you", while looking at themselves in a mirror.  If this is the case keep going until the awkwardness subsides.  Take heart, when the awkwardness subsides self esteem is increasing.  

10 Examples Of A Daily Affirmation!

  1. I Dave love, accept and approve of myself.
  2. I Dave am a loving, lovable man.
  3. I Dave am now attracting the perfect relationship for me.
  4. I Dave am prosperous and fulfilled.
  5. I Dave feel good about myself and my life.
  6. I Dave am now the perfect weight for me.
  7. It is easy and rewarding, for me Dave to make positive changes in my life. 
  8. The more I Dave put myself first in my life, the better I feel about myself.
  9.  I Dave completely forgive myself.
  10. I Dave have great relationships with everyone, and I love it. 

The most important thing to do when writing out an affirmation is be persistent.  Being persistent means keep going until you start feeling better.  If we were to write out a different affirmation every day, we would not experience real positive change and improve our self esteem. This is because it takes time for the affirmation to take hold in our subconscious mind. 

For example: I write out a daily affirmation such as: I Dave am now the perfect weight for me.  When I start this process my body weighs 203 pounds. I don’t feel good at this weight, and I have felt good at 180 pounds.

It may take a few weeks of writing out my daily affirmation, for it to really settle in to my subconscious mind. By then I am starting to make other changes, like giving up late night snacking and cutting down on my sugar intake. That is when I start to see the fruits of my daily affirmation labors.

For boosting self esteem, writing a daily affirmation can have a direct and immediate effect. With persistent and proper use, this tool is very powerful.  It can literally change one’s mindset from a negative one to a positive one.

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