Prosperity Affirmations Are More Than Enough!

Prosperity affirmations are positive in the present moment statements, about our more than enough consciousness. They make us feel good about ourselves, enhancing our self esteem.

How To Use Prosperity Affirmations

Write out the affirmation 30 times on a piece of paper. Leave enough room on the right side for your ego minds response. Ego minds response, what’s that? Your ego minds response is normally the 1st thought that comes into your head after you write the affirmation and is usually negative.

For example:

I write there is always more than enough on a piece of paper. On the right side of the paper, I write my 1st thought: No there isn’t.

I continue to do this for all the affirmations I write.

After 5 or 6 days of writing out this affirmation, notice if there are any repeating ego mind responses.

For example:

After 5 days I notice the response, no there isn’t, has repeated itself several times. I then take that statement and turn it into a prosperity affirmation: I Dave (your 1st name), firmly believe there is always more than enough.

Repeat the process with the ego mind response, until most of if not all, the responses are neutral and or positive. This lets you know you are changing your mind regarding that particular positive affirmation.

Not only are you changing your mind, you are becoming more self aware. External circumstances will now begin to change, reflecting back a new positive mindset.

Some Examples Of Prosperity Affirmations

1). There is always more than enough.

This statement simply means and states there is always more than enough money for all our needs and desires. It also relates to time and energy.

This is a great affirmation to use when you’re feeling like there is not enough money to go around, or if you’ve just done the budget and you come up short.

Write the affirmation on a piece of paper and keep the paper in your wallet or purse.

2). I Dave (your first name) am a prosperous, powerful, positive man.

This is a great affirmation to write when for whatever reason you’re feeling the opposite.

3). I Dave (your first name) have more than enough money to pay all my bills.

Use this affirmation when it comes time to pay the bills.

4). Large sums of money are coming to me now.

Like the law of attraction, use this affirmation to attract lots of money. Again, write it down on a piece of paper and keep it in your wallet. Miracles do happen.

5). I Dave (your name) give thanks for all my bills.

By doing this affirmation you are acknowledging the opportunity to pay your bills. Never forgot this, for you are demonstrating your ability to use your prosperity consciousness.

We live in an abundant universe. To the degree we believe this statement is the degree of our prosperity consciousness.

If we don’t believe that statement, we can use prosperity affirmations to help change our negative mind set into a positive one and increase our self esteem too. 

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