Self Esteem Building Activities Guaranteed To Boost Self Esteem!!

Self esteem building activities are designed to give you the most bang for your buck. All they do and all they’re meant to do, is build self esteem.

Self Esteem Building Activities - The Big Three!

1.      Learn to take responsibility.

2.      Create an affirmation poster.

3.      Write self esteem affirmations.

Rather than giving you 10 self esteem building activities, I’ve decided to shorten the list and give you the most important, most empowering, most self esteem building methods around.

Learn To Take Responsibility

Learning to take responsibility for oneself and for one’s life is the most essential ingredient in building self esteem. Without it, a good or great life is not really possible. With it, the sky is the limit, anything is possible.

Why Is This So?

This is so because when one takes responsibility for one’s life and everything in it and I mean everything right down to all thoughts, feelings and actions, then one takes ownership of all these elements.

No blame, no projection, happens. It’s all us, no one and no thing is making us think what we think, feel what we feel, and do what we do. It’s all us!!

When we get that it’s all us, our focus changes. We now focus on what we want out of life as opposed to the usual of reacting to what we don’t want. We stop feeling like a victim of our circumstances and become more creative rather than reactive.

How Do We Become Responsible?

By increasing our self awareness.  How do we do that? Pay attention to what is happening internally, inside your head, your heart and your body. If you have thoughts and feelings that blame and project, stop. You can do this, just stop the internal dialogue and say to yourself or out loud, I (your first name), now take responsibility.

If this is too hard for you to do or you can’t stop reacting, please move on to item #3 in this article, write self esteem affirmations.

Create An Affirmation Poster

In creating an affirmation poster, we are now changing our focus from what we don’t want, to what we really want to experience in ourselves and our lives.

An affirmation poster is simply a poster board of your favorite color, with a bunch of positive self esteem affirmations pasted on to the poster board. More than anything, it is a healthy reminder of what is really important to you and your life. See affirmation posters.

Write Self Esteem Affirmations

Writing self esteem affirmations is one of the best self esteem building activities there is. They are designed to change and bring more awareness to, our subconscious minds, transforming them from negative to positive mindsets.

For example referring to learning to take responsibility:

Write the affirmation I (your first name) now take responsibility for my life, 30 times a day. Beside each affirmation on the right hand side, also write your ego minds response. Your ego minds response is the first thought you think (usually negative), after writing the affirmation.

Do this for each of the 30 affirmations. Now, after a week or so of writing the affirmation plus your ego minds response, you notice an ego minds response that repeats itself more than once. Take that statement, flip it around to a positive self esteem affirmation and write it out 30 times a day, with the ego minds response beside it.

For example:

I write I Dave, now take responsibility for my life 30 times a day with the ego minds response. After a week or so, I notice “you’re not worth the effort”, is the ego minds response that repeats itself the most. I now take that statement and flip it around to, I Dave am worth the effort, with the corresponding ego minds response, writing it out 30 times a day.

What you are doing is unraveling all the negativity and resistance you have to taking responsibility. When your ego minds response is mostly neutral and or positive, your mindset is changing to a more positive one.

To take responsibility is to get your personal power back. With personal power anything is possible because you are now CHOOSING the experiences you want as opposed to reacting to and not being at CHOICE with your circumstances!!

These self esteem building activities can really boost your self esteem and make you feel great!!

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