Turning Self Hatred Into Self Like!

Self hatred is having a strong dislike for oneself or parts of oneself.  We also judge and criticize ourselves a lot and suffer low self esteem.

There must be a willingness to change, a desire for a better life, to be a better person, when one has such a strong dislike for oneself.

 Use Self Esteem Affirmations To Change Self Hatred!

Self esteem affirmations are a powerful tool for self change.  They work at the subconscious level to change negative thoughts and feelings into positive ones.  Here is how they work.

Example:  I (Your Name)like myself or I (Your Name)love myself.

Write out one or the other, 30 times on a page.  After each self esteem affirmation written, write out the immediate response that comes to mind.  It usually is a negative statement. 

Positive self esteem affirmation            Immediate response in my head.
For example:  I Dave like myself.         Are you kidding me?!!!!!

Keeping doing this for all 30 self esteem affirmations every day.  Notice if there are any responses that show up more than once.  Pay particular attention if one shows up 3, 4 or 5 times. 

If one does show up a few times, take that negative response and turn it into a positive self esteem affirmation. 

Then write out the new affirmation 30 times a day, including the immediate responses as well.

Keep doing this process until the responses are neutral or positive.  This lets one know, self change is happening! See self esteem affirmations.

Take Responsibility And Get Your Power Back!

The self esteem exercise for self responsibility is a very powerful exercise and will help one take ownership of one’s life. See self esteem exercise.

Do An Affirmation Poster And Get Inspired!

Affirmation posters are a great technique to help staying focused on self change. 

Poster boards are cheap and can be bought at a local drug store for a couple of dollars if that.  Pick out your favorite color.  You will also need some scissors and a glue stick.

Now in your own words write out your feelings and thoughts around self hatred.

For example:    I’m not worth it.
                       I’m lazy.
                       I’m not good enough.
                       I’m ugly.
Now turn these around into positive self esteem affirmations. 

Example:         I am worth it.
                       I am confident.
                       I am good enough.
                       I am handsome/beautiful.

Write out these new positive self esteem affirmations, cut them out and paste onto the poster board. Keep adding new ones as you think them up.

Now add pictures of yourself to the affirmation poster board. (pictures of you smiling of course) to add more visual power.  Finally add a timeline of say 1 year and paste those dates onto the board.  Put this board up in a place where you will see it to remind you that you are changing and wanting a new experience of yourself. See affirmation posters.

Counseling Can Be Really Helpful!

If you feel that nothing above is really going to help you, counseling can be a very positive experience.  The trick is finding someone you will feel comfortable with to let down your guard and get the support you need.  Once this happens, miracles can occur. 

Self hatred is not permanent.  Self change is very possible.  Be willing to change and watch yourself go from self hatred to self like and to experiencing greater self esteem!

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