Self Esteem Worksheets For Adults - Change For Good!

Please print self esteem worksheets for adults.  Use other paper as necessary and the worksheet as a guide.  Provide as much detail as you can remember.  Come back to the worksheets when you have the time.

In answering these questions on self esteem worksheets for adults, be as honest as possible.  Take your time.  These questions and your answers are for your own benefit. By putting pen to paper you are on a path of self-discovery and to increasing your self esteem!! Please treasure this time!

4 Questions On Self Esteem Worksheets For Adults To Boost Self Esteem

  1. Describe your relationship with yourself:


What is your earliest positive memory you have from an emotional viewpoint?

It’s also possible to have suppressed joy concerning your earliest positive memories.  You know what to do here!!  Laugh out loud, express that joy!!  Allow yourself to feel good about those experiences!!

What is your earliest negative memory you have from an emotional viewpoint? 

Describe fully paying particular attention to what happened, how old you were, who was involved and how you felt.

If you have more negative memories that somehow upset you in the present describe them fully on self esteem worksheets for adults, answering the above questions.

The purpose here is to resolve old negative experiences so they no longer have any power over you and to ultimately increasing your self esteem.

Remember to feel any feelings you may have concerning these experiences. This promotes healing and the final letting go reducing and possibly eliminating the power these circumstances have over you.

Feeling any negative feelings and releasing them will greatly increase self esteem because you will feel better about yourself, replacing low self worth feelings such as suppressed anger, fear, sadness and guilt with high self worth feelings such as self love, safety, innocence and peace.

If the negative experiences are overwhelming for whatever reason, stop and get professional support.  Seek out the services of a good counsellor. Remember to choose one you feel safe with and one where you can let down your guard.  Keep looking if you don’t feel it with the first counsellor.  You have the power and the final say so, of what works for you!!


2. What do you like about yourself? What do others like about you?

Besides your own list, get your wife, husband or best friend to make a list of what they like about you. This may be an eye opening experience for you. Let the love in, let yourself be acknowledged, no one ever died of embarrassment!!  Bask in your magnificence!!

3. What do you not like about yourself? What do others not like about you?

Again, besides your own list, get your wife, husband or best friend to make a list of what they don’t like about you. Whatever you do, don’t take it personally!! If you do, take responsibility – you asked for the list.  Take ownership of this event. If any of the items on the list resonate with you, use them to foster change in yourself.


4. What do you want to change about yourself?

Make a list. Write the item you want to change about yourself on the left side of the paper and write By When, on the right side.  By giving yourself a deadline you are making the experience more real.  If you can write it down you can have it.

Don’t worry if the how am I ever going to have that happen, escapes you and leaves you scratching your head.  You have already started the process of change and increasing your self esteem by writing it down and giving a date.    

The next step is to take each item on your list and make an action plan. Again, this makes the experience more real.  

For example: I want to shed 20 lbs of excess weight by May 1st 2016. 

My action plan is as follows:


1). Let go of coffee, cream and sugar, by Jan 15th, 2016

2). Let go of gluten, by Jan 15th, 2016.

3). Make organic meals at home, by Jan 15th, 2016.

4). Increase water intake to 8 to 12 glasses a day, by Jan 15th, 2016.

5). Make appt. with Naturopath Doctor to acquire great supplements and support, by Jan 31st, 2016.

6). Walk minimum of 6 blocks a day, by Dec 15, 2015.

7). Do Easy Yoga For Arthritis program on a daily basis, by Jan 15th, 2016.

Taking these actions ensures I will have the results I want.  Without action, no results.

Taking the time to actually look within oneself to answer these questions on self esteem worksheets for adults, is in fact taking a large step to increasing self esteem. 

This self esteem worksheet for adults may appear simple and mundane, yet it can be so revealing and take being healed to the next level, the level of complete forgiveness.

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