Self Esteem Boosting Has Its Own Rewards

  Self esteem boosting is necessary to attain high self esteem. Having high self esteem means we know who we are and we are doing what we love. When we boost our self esteem we are taking responsibility for our lives. In taking responsibility we get our power back and stop being a victim of our circumstances.  

6 Steps To Self Esteem Boosting

1). Take responsibility

2). Tell the truth

3). Trust

4). Feel the feelings

5). Self esteem affirmations

6). Vision Board

1). Take Responsibility

To take responsibility is the single most important thing one can do to boost self esteem. Taking responsibility means taking ownership of one’s thoughts, opinions, feelings, and behaviors. It is the only way to get one’s power back. Having personal power means being in healthy control of one’s life where the circumstances are created rather than reacted to.

When we take responsibility for a situation we find ourselves in, we take ownership of that event. When we take responsibility for our entire life and everything that’s in it, we finally get our power back and can begin creating our life rather than reacting to it. This is high self esteem. See self esteem exercise.

2). Tell The Truth

To tell the truth about an event or a situation is to be honest with ones perceptions.

When one is honest with ones perceptions lying is not possible and the truth sets everyone free.

Telling the truth automatically boosts self esteem because one is being honest, dependable and reliable. This makes someone feel good about themselves and feeling good as we know boosts self esteem.

3). Trust

To trust oneself is to have a firm belief in one’s honesty and self-reliability.

4). Feel the Feelings

To feel the feelings means just that, we feel our feelings rather than suppressing them. Feelings are only meant to be felt, and nothing more. They are transitionary meaning once they are felt they are done with, finished.

Too often we suppress our feelings, stuffing them down into our bellies where they can cause all kinds of problems from upset stomachs to ulcers.  

When we feel our feelings we are increasing our self esteem because we are affirming our humanity.

5). Self Esteem Affirmations

Self esteem affirmations are positive statements written in the present tense. They are designed to change a negative mind set into a positive one. Once this is done, circumstances in one’s life change to reflect the new positive outlook. See self esteem affirmations.

6). Vision Board

 A vision board is a poster board with inspirational words and images cut out from old magazines and books and pasted on to the poster board. A time frame of 1 month, 6 months or 1 year or more, is written at the top of the poster board. The vision board is used for inspiration and to remind one of what is most important in life. See affirmation poster.

Self esteem boosting is necessary to feel great about oneself. When one feels great about oneself then high self esteem is possible.

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