From Pessimism To Optimism! 

Pessimism has a lot to do with the tendency to expect the worst outcome.  Sometimes it is hard to be around a pessimist, because of their negative attitude and tendency to have low self esteem.

Pessimists generally never get what they want, or are always disappointed in life.

Overcoming Pessimism!

Powerful Self Esteem Affirmations!

As in other self esteem issues, I highly recommend, using self esteem affirmations.  They are such a powerful tool for self change and feeling better about oneself.

For example: 

I Dave look forward to each moment of every day.
I Dave love life and all it has to offer me.
I Dave deserve the best, and I accept the best now.

Write out one of these self esteem affirmations, 30 times a day, on the left side of a piece of paper, and write after each affirmation, an immediate response on the right. (your first thought, usually negative)

For example:

Positive self esteem affirmation.                                 Immediate response.
I Dave deserve the best, and I accept the best now.   Are you kidding me?!!

If after a few days, you notice a response that shows up more than a few times, take note.  Now take that negative response and flip it around into a positive self esteem affirmation.

For example:

Positive self esteem affirmation:  I Dave love life and all it has to offer me.

Negative response that shows
up a few times:                            You’ll never get what you want.

New self esteem affirmation:    I Dave always get what I want.

Now start writing this new positive self esteem affirmation 30 times a day, remembering to add in the immediate response after each affirmation written.

Keep writing the affirmations until the responses become neutral or even positive.  This is an indication that self change is happening. See self esteem affirmations.

Affirmation Posters For Inspiration!

I also highly recommend using an affirmation poster to stay focused and inspired.  An affirmation poster is just a poster board with positive self esteem affirmations pasted on the poster board.  A great way to find what affirmations to use is to write out your thoughts and feelings of being a pessimist.

For example:   I never get what I want.
                      Life never works out for me.
                      I am always disappointed.                     

Flip these statements around into positive self esteem affirmations:

I always get what I want.
Life works for me.
I expect the unexpected in my life.

Now add these and any more you can think of to your personal affirmation poster. After that add some pictures of yourself to the poster board.  This increases the visual power of the affirmation poster.

Hang your poster somewhere where you will see it a lot.  Let yourself be inspired. See affirmation posters.

The Power of Taking Responsibility!

The last thing I highly recommend is to do the self esteem exercise associated with self responsibility.  This very powerful exercise will help you take ownership of your life, including your pessimistic ways. See self esteem exercises.

Pessimism is only a state of mind.  A state of mind can easily be changed to one of optimism and faith in one’s own process.  Use the self esteem affirmations, the affirmation poster and being self responsible to change a negative state of mind into a positive one.

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