Low Self Esteem Definition? Life Is A Struggle!

The low self esteem definition is simple and straightforward: low self esteem is defined by a person who doesn’t take any responsibility for him or herself; feels like a victim of one’s circumstances, plays the “blame game” and generally dislikes her or himself.

Life is a struggle and nothing ever seems to work. One doesn’t know oneself and is definitely not doing what one loves to do.

Low Self Esteem Definition.

Low self esteem is characterized by certain behaviors. The need to be right all the time; the need to be in control; the need to dominate another and the one behavior everyone dislikes the “rageaholic” someone who is angry all the time.

On the flip side of the coin low self esteem can also be characterized by someone who has no ambition to better him or herself; has a what’s the use attitude, I never get what I want anyway so why try; gives up on life easily and feels “numb” most of the time.

What I have just defined and described above is more related to chronic low self esteem. This can also be attributed to when one is having a so called “bad day”.

This is temporary low self esteem and is best defined as when one genuinely, honestly doesn’t think or feel good about oneself. You slept in, didn’t have time for breakfast, work was hard and stressful and you argued with your partner or a family member. You had as best as can be described “a bad day”.

The next day however, you woke up early, had a healthy breakfast, you were productive at work and you got along great with your partner and family members. You naturally thought and felt good about yourself and your self esteem was good to great.

As you can see self esteem can fluctuate depending on how one genuinely thinks and feels about oneself. Where we get into trouble is when our so called “bad days” outnumber the “good days” and our self esteem slips into chronic low self esteem.

In a nutshell the low self esteem definition is genuinely, honestly thinking and feeling NOT good about oneself. This can be related to temporary or chronic low self esteem.

What To Do About It!

1). See self esteem exercises for a great, simple and powerful technique on taking responsibility.

2). See self esteem affirmations on a very effective tool to change one’s negative mindset to a positive one greatly enhancing self esteem.

3). See affirmation posters on a fun, creative and playful exercise to inspire one to focus on what one truly wants out of life.

Low self esteem definition – not thinking or feeling good about oneself. Can this be changed? Absolutely! 

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