Self Esteem Questions With Great Answers!

These self esteem questions are designed to raise our consciousness and awareness and promote self esteem. 

Self Esteem Questions!

1). What is self esteem?

2). How do I raise my self esteem?

3). If I have low self esteem, can I really improve it?

4). Is it possible to achieve high self esteem and stay there permanently?

5). What happens to my self esteem if something bad happens to me?

6). Do I have to stop being a victim, give up blaming others for my problems, to improve my self esteem?

1). What Is Self Esteem?

One of the obvious self esteem questions. In a nutshell, self esteem is our honest, sincere opinion and feeling about ourselves.

It is not our negative self judgement, such as Oh, I’m not worth the effort; I don’t do it good enough; you’ll never amount to much; why do I even bother trying, nothing works out anyway etc etc etc.

In a quiet moment with no distractions ask yourself, how do I really think and feel about myself? Go with the first answer that comes to you.

2). How Do I Raise My Self Esteem?

Since self esteem relates to how you honestly think and feel about yourself, do things that make you feel good inside and that you genuinely, honestly enjoy doing. This is the simplest and easiest way I know of to raise self esteem.

This is usually not how you typically reward yourself which may but not always, verge on self defeating, self-sabotaging behaviors. For example going out for drinks after a hard successful day’s work even though you don’t always feel good and rested the next morning or socializing with people you have nothing in common with.

In this instance you are valuing yourself. You are saying I am worthy enough to do these activities. I enjoy feeling better about myself. You are putting yourself first in your life. You are affirming life and that which you constantly affirm must be true! You are choosing life! For example:

1.      Go for a walk in nature.

2.      Garden.

3.      Go out for a meal – eat something organic, costs more, healthier choice.

4.      Read a book you’ve always wanted to read.

5.      Listen to your favorite music.

6.      Go for a bike ride.

7.      Workout.

8.      Have a bubble bath.

9.      Watch a favorite TV program

10.   Go to a movie you’ve always wanted to see.

11.   Visit a best friend – laugh a lot.

12.   Visit a Comedy Club – laugh even more.

3). If I Have Low Self Esteem, Can I Really Improve It?

Yes, yes and yes. How?

1.      As mentioned above do things that make you feel genuinely good inside.

2.      Write out self esteem affirmations to change a negative mindset into a positive one. Please see self esteem affirmations.

3.      Create an affirmation poster to inspire you and help you focus on what is really important to you. See affirmation posters.

If you are willing to do these 3 activities, I guarantee you will have raised your self esteem.

4). Is It Possible To Have High Self Esteem And Stay There Permanently?

Yes. One of the better self esteem questions. There is more work involved; self esteem affirmations to write and affirmation posters to create, to achieve  high self esteem. Now, self esteem fluctuates, depending on how one feels and thinks about oneself.

The more work done on oneself, the more blocks and barriers released to experiencing high self esteem, the easier it becomes to stay permanently at high self esteem, because now you have the tools to do what is necessary. You know how to value yourself and do things that make you feel good inside; you know how self esteem affirmations work and how to create an affirmation poster.

As the old saying goes, if it is to be, it’s up to me! Please see high self esteem for great information on this subject!

5). What Happens To My Self Esteem If Something Bad Happens To Me?

One of the best self esteem questions. Let’s say you get into a car accident, it’s not your fault and you end up in the hospital with a broken leg. The first rule of communication says perception is everything. How do you perceive yourself in this situation?:

1.      You feel like a victim. Why did this happen to me?

2.      You are angry, hurt and want to lash out at the other driver.

To the degree you experience the 2 above examples, is the degree at which your self esteem decreases. High self esteem says I am responsible for myself, all my thoughts, feelings and actions. Low self esteem says I am NOT responsible for myself, especially all my thoughts, feelings and actions.

The opportunity here is take responsibility for yourself, in spite of your ego mind (your inner voice) telling you otherwise. How do I do that when it’s not even my fault? Just say to yourself I (your first name) now take responsibility for my part. What’s my part? Being in a car at that particular time the accident happened.

Now I know that this action goes against our so called human nature. When something bad happens to us and it’s not our fault and we get physically hurt we want to lash out, feel hurt, be angry and righteous. Feel justified in our anger. Yet it won’t heal your leg any faster. The only thing that will promote healing of the leg and the accident itself AND improve self esteem, is to take responsibility for your part and FORGIVE YOURSELF and the OTHER PERSON.

You know how to take responsibility for your part, now how do we forgive? I thought you'd never ask.

Write out these self esteem affirmations 70 times a day for 7 consecutive days:

1). I (your first name) completely forgive myself.

2). I (your first name) completely forgive the person who caused the car accident.

These are very powerful self esteem affirmations guaranteed to start the forgiveness process in your life.

It's okay to initially feel angry and hurt, it's part of our human nature. Do not let it blind you to the overall healing process.

6). Do I Have To Stop Being A Victim, Give Up Blaming Others For My Problems, To Improve My Self Esteem?

Another one of the best self esteem questions. Yes. When you do this you immediately get your personal power back. Personal power is having choice in the matter. Choice is the operative word, the most important word in that statement. We are now creating our lives rather than reacting to our life. We are the master/mistress of our life rather than the victim. We focus more on what we want out of life rather than on what we don’t want.

What great self esteem questions! They make you think, are simple and direct and necessary!

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