Powerful Self Esteem Lesson Plans!

 These self esteem lesson plans are not your typical lesson plans endorsed by any school board or part of any curriculum.   I ask you to read the following with an open mind with the possibility of learning something new and valuable for yourself and your kids.

Self esteem lesson plans for kids.

Affirmation posters.

An affirmation poster is simply a poster board with positive self esteem affirmations pasted on.  The self esteem affirmations are in the first person and present tense. As simple as it sounds this is a powerful tool for self change, affirming one’s self worth and one of the better self esteem lesson plans to use with kids.

For your kids depending on their age, they first pick our their favorite color poster board.  

Then armed with glue sticks and scissors they are ready to paste some positive self esteem affirmations on their poster board.  

Examples of appropriate school age positive self esteem affirmations:

It’s okay for me to stand up for myself.
It’s okay to learn to do things my own way.
I trust my feelings.
I am capable.
I can choose my own friends.
I can dress the way the other kids dress, or I can dress my own way.
It’s okay to be afraid.  I can talk about it to my teacher and my friends.
I am good enough.
I am worth the effort.
I am a likeable boy/girl.
I love to learn new things.
I like me and everyone else likes me.

Adding a picture of the student is a way to make the affirmation poster come alive.  It adds more visual power and makes it personal for the student.  

Taking this exercise a step further would be to cut out pictures from old magazines, that reflect what the positive self esteem affirmation says.

For example:

I love to learn new things.   Finding a picture in a magazine of someone doing some activity that the student can relate to will help make the affirmation more real. 

Once this is done put the poster board up on the wall for the students to look at when they get a chance.

Learning passive listening.

Passive listening is a way to listen to your students without agreeing or disagreeing with them.  It works better in one on one situations.  What you don’t do is offer an opinion, give directions etc.   See passive listening.

Learning active listening.

Active listening is mirroring back a students statement with feeling.   It is a great way to validate a student’s emotional well being.  The emotional validation goes a long way to improve the student’s self esteem and sense of self worth.  See active listening.

Learning to speak using "I" messages.

Speaking using “I” messages is the complete opposite of using the word you in sentences.  What it does is trans formative.  What does this mean? 

Speaking using the word I, helps to create healthy boundaries between teacher and student in a mutually trusting, respectful way.   See speaking using “I” messages.

These self esteem lesson plans are designed to improve and enhance a child’s self esteem and to improve the skill levels of all teachers willing to make a difference in their students lives.

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