Self-Esteem Dating Yes It's Important!

Self-esteem dating is all about the relationship between self esteem and who we are interested in romantically. Wherever we go our self esteem follows us. Why? Because self esteem lives in our inner world, the world made up of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and our spiritual self whatever we conceive that to be.

Is it important to be aware of our self esteem when we are dating? Yes!! The challenge or opportunity is to learn to love ourselves in our loved one’s presence. This is easier said than done because in the throes of romantic love the other person can become significantly more important than ourselves. This is because we give our personal power away thinking it must be the other person who is making us feel this way.

Self-Esteem Dating

We tend to think in terms of how the other person we are dating makes us feel. In fact it is us who are feeling these feelings. No other person can make us feel what we feel, think what we think or do what we do. It’s all us. When we get this it is the beginning of emotional maturity. The excitement is still there it’s now that we realize it’s because we are excited, not because of the other person. We are excited to be with this potential love interest.

Learning To Love Ourselves In Our Loved One’s Presence

Pay attention, pay attention, pay attention. Just like in real estate where it’s location, location, location, with self esteem-dating, it’s all about being self-aware. Be aware of how you are really feeling when you are with this other person. Are you excited, nervous, scared, “turned on”, indifferent, bored etc etc. Take ownership of these feelings.

Self-Esteem Dating Tips

1). Before going out on a date, please write out 30 times on a piece of paper one of the following self esteem affirmations:

I (your first name) like myself in all situations.

It is easy and rewarding to be myself all the time.

I love myself especially when I’m relating to other people.

Please see self esteem affirmations for more great in depth information.

2). Create an affirmation poster or vision board. Have the theme be all about one’s dating experience. This is a fun and creative exercise to help get one focused on what is really important.

Please see affirmation posters for more great information on how to create and use an affirmation poster.

If we really learn the lessons of self-esteem dating we can potentially experience much greater and more satisfying results in our relationships.

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