Poor Self Esteem? Time To Up The Love!

Poor self esteem is the same thing as saying one has low self esteem.

What does it mean? What are we experiencing?

It generally means that our lives are not working. We are not “working” and we experience ourselves and our lives as one big struggle.

10 Symptoms of Poor Self Esteem.

1). We can be depressed.

2). We generally dislike or even hate ourselves.

3). Our relationships are toxic.

4). We can be unhealthy.

5). We have money problems.

6). We feel like a victim of our circumstances.

7). We may have addiction issues.

8). We play the blame game a lot, not taking any responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts and feelings and our actions.

9). We may have undiagnosed mental problems.

10). We could have undetected emotional issues.

Having low self esteem stops us from having a life that works and prevents us from being happy, healthy and successful. Self esteem is directly tied to how one honestly, sincerely thinks and feels about oneself. When we think and feel less of ourselves or are being self-critical or self-judgemental, we experience a lack of self esteem.

Now self esteem can fluctuate during the day depending on how one thinks and feels about oneself. If one is having a so called “good day” a person’s self esteem is good. If the opposite is true and one is having a “bad day” then one’s self esteem is not so good.

Where we get into trouble is when our so called “bad days” outnumber the “good days” and our self esteem can get chronically low. We experience low self esteem on a regular basis.

What Can Be Done For Our Poor Self Esteem?

How can we change our self esteem into good self esteem or even high self esteem? How do we learn to think and feel good about ourselves?

This is a 3 part process.

1). Learn to take responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts and feelings, and our actions. See self esteem exercises for the best exercise I know on how to do this.

2). Do self esteem affirmations to change one’s negative mindset into a positive one, ultimately changing one’s external circumstances. See self esteem affirmations for the how to on this very powerful technique.

3). Make an affirmation poster designed to help one get more focused on what one truly wants out of life. An inspirational tool to change one’s perspective. See affirmation posters on how to create this fun inspiring poster.

Having poor self esteem may feel like having a mountain of stone on your back. Take heart though, if and when you do these 3 “exercises” the stone will literally fall off your back and you will feel lighter, happier and more successful.

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