Self Esteem Facts Tells It Like It Is!

Self esteem facts are known truisms when it comes to self esteem. There are a lot myths and falsehoods surrounding this issue and this written article will attempt to set the record straight.

Self Esteem Facts!

Fact #1). 

Not getting our dependency needs met as children at the very important childhood development stages, is the single most contributing factor to low self esteem!!  When we get these needs met our self esteem automatically expands!!

Falsehood #1).

Nothing that ever happens to us as children has any bearing on us whatsoever as adults. Simply not true. Whatever happens to us as children has a direct bearing on how happy, healthy and successful we are as adults.

Fact #2).

If one has low self esteem, it’s very possible and doable to improve that self esteem, if one puts the work in.

Falsehood #2).

There’s nothing you can do about low self esteem. Once you have it you’re stuck with it. This website alone proves this statement to be inaccurate. There is plenty one can to increase low self esteem:

1). Do the self esteem exercise to help establish self responsibility.

2). Do self esteem affirmations to change a negative mind set into a positive one

3). Make a vision board to have something positive to look forward to

4). Increase ones communication skills to be a better wife, husband and parent.

Fact #3).

One can even achieve high self esteem and stay at this place forever. If one is committed to working on oneself it is very possible to reach high self esteem. High self esteem is merely the knowledge and understanding that one is entirely responsible for all of one’s life not just the good parts that are now working but every part. No more victim consciousness – blaming others for ones misfortune.  Life now becomes a creation rather than a reaction.

Falsehood #3).

Once you have self esteem it’s very easy to lose it and you won’t get it back again. When you have increased self esteem one may experience a temporary set back such as losing a job. This will effect ones level of self esteem maybe even bringing on a bout of depression.

Don’t despair. This website is to remind one of doing what works, of putting in the effort and the rewards of increasing self esteem. You are not alone on your journey. I am right beside you all the way!!

Self esteem facts go a long way to dispel any myths out there that are just not true!!

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