How To Be More Confident Now!

  How to be more confident? How to feel great about oneself? How to improve one’s ability and belief in oneself? Finally, how to greatly boost one's self esteem?

 Improving self confidence is one of the keys to high self esteem. High self esteem is feeling great about oneself most of the time.

6 Steps On How To Be More Confident

1). Keep practicing.

2). Trust

3). Appreciation

4). Acknowledgement

5). Self Esteem Affirmations

6). Vision Board

1). Keep Practicing

 Practice, practice, practice. By practicing at what one wants to get better at, one just gets better at it.

Practicing is not giving up after the 1st try. Practicing is having the determination and perseverance to keep going no matter what. This is what leads to becoming more confident.

2). Trust

To trust oneself is to have a firm belief in one’s honesty and self-reliability. The more one trusts oneself the more confident that person is. Of course the opposite is true, the less one trusts oneself, then confidence is lacking.

3). Appreciation

Being in appreciation means having a grateful recognition for a favor, or something one has done that one feels good about. For example: a friend does one a favor and the recipient of the favor shows their appreciation by giving thanks, bestowing money, or promises to return the favor.

These moments of gratitude go a long way to increasing confidence because of the good feelings the act produces also enhancing our self esteem along the way.

4). Acknowledgement

Acknowledgement is a powerful tool. When you acknowledge another or even yourself, the part that is acknowledged is strengthened. For example: say a friend does some work for you and does a good job. You acknowledge your friend by saying, thanks for the great job, I couldn’t have done it without you.

What you are doing by acknowledging your friend is strengthening your relationship with him or her.

5). Self Esteem Affirmations

Self esteem affirmations are another powerful tool in how to be more confident and to raise self esteem. They are positive statements designed to change one’s negative subconscious mind into a positive subconscious mind.

The statements are also in present tense and are usually written down, however, they can be read before a mirror, for a more powerful affect.

One way to write them down is to write the positive statement first, and then write whatever your ego mind which is usually negative, besides the positive sentence. For example: Positive self affirmation: I Dave am a confident, capable man. Negative ego based statement: Oh yeah, you are just a fake.

The idea here is to keep writing out the self affirmations, then the negative statements until the negative statements start repeating themselves.

After a week or so, take the negative statement that is repeating itself the most, and flip it around to reflect a positive self affirmation and write it out with the corresponding negative statement (ego minds response). Then repeat the process.

Keep going until the ego minds response is mostly neutral and or positive. This is how you will know you are changing your mindset to a more positive one. See self esteem affirmations.        

6). Vision Board

 A vision board is a poster board with inspirational words and pictures on it. Using old magazines and books, cut out pictures and words that have meaning to you. Pick a time frame of one month, 6 months, a year or more and write it at the top of the poster board. Place the poster board on a wall where you will easily see it. See affirmation posters.

How to be more confident means we are greatly improving our self esteem.

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