High Self Esteem Tips Are Guaranteed To Help You!

High self esteem tips are guaranteed to help you stay permanently at high self esteem.

High Self Esteem Tips

1). When and where possible, always take responsibility for yourself.

2). Any time you feel like a victim of your circumstances, take responsibility.

3). Someone says something to you and you take it personally, take responsibility for your part.

4). Put yourself first in your life.

5). Love yourself first in your life.

6). Trust and respect yourself.

7). Know yourself, there is nothing else to seek.

8). Do what you love.

9). Extend love and kindness to others.

10). Keep doing self esteem affirmations. They are an incredibly useful tool.

Items 1,2 and 3.

Learning to take responsibility is one of the most important things one can do to maintain high self esteem and one of the most important high self esteem tips. When you take responsibility you are taking ownership of all your thoughts, feelings and actions. No person, place or thing can tell you what to think, what to feel or what to do. It’s all you. To the degree you get this, is the degree of high self esteem you can experience.

Also, by taking responsibility you stop giving your personal power away to external circumstances. You actually get to keep your power and use it lovingly and wisely in the creation of your life. You are now back to having choice in the matter.

Please see self esteem exercises for a very powerful, simple exercise on learning to take responsibility.

Put Yourself First In Your Life:

Often times we put our spouses first, our kids, our job and careers. Time for a change. Learn to put yourself first and watch the miracles happen. If your family is used to being put first by you and then you suddenly change, this may cause some upset and you may be overwhelmed by feelings of guilt.

Forgive yourself. Let them know things are changing.

Write out this self esteem affirmation: I (your first name) completely forgive myself. Do this 70 times a day for 7 consecutive days.

Love yourself first in your life:

Do something just for you every day. Make this a brand new shiny habit!


  • ·        Go for a walk in nature. Smell the air. Take time to just be.
  • ·        Meditate for 15 minutes to quiet your mind.
  • ·        Read a favorite book.
  • ·        Have a bath.
  • ·        Make a meal just for you.
  • ·        Take a nap.
  • ·        Go to the beach if you can. Stare at the ocean.
  • ·        Garden.
  • ·        Play in the shop. Make a toy.
  • ·        Listen to some relaxing music.
  • ·        Play guitar or piano.

By doing something just for you every day, you are truly learning to love and value yourself. In learning to love and value yourself, you are also learning to put yourself first in your life. One action feeds another one.

Trust and respect yourself:

Practice saying yes to what you want and no to what you don’t want. Check in with yourself whenever you are asked to do something. Repeat the question silently to yourself, then ask if this is something you want to do. Go with the first answer you get. Check in with how you feel after.

By doing this exercise you are building up trusting and respecting yourself. Learning to say no to what you sincerely, genuinely don’t want to do is great for boundary strengthening.

By learning to say no you are trusting and respecting yourself enough to stop being a people pleaser by always saying yes when you don’t mean it. You are now learning to please yourself.

Know yourself, there is nothing else to seek:

This is one of the most profound statements ever to grace a page and one of the most powerful high self esteem tips. It speaks to knowing our inner world, as opposed to seeking the outer world, where people, places and things exist.

The inner world is made up of thoughts both ego based and higher based, feelings and our spiritual selves. The more we come to know these elements and are comfortable with them, the more we come to know ourselves.

How Do We Do This?

  • Meditate.
  • Learn to take responsibility.
  • Write self esteem affirmations.
  • Practice the exercise in Trusting and Respecting yourself.

Also, increase self awareness to get to know yourself better. How do we do that? PAY ATTENTION!!! Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking, to the feelings you are feeling and especially to the actions you are taking. Ask yourself this very important question: Is what I am thinking what I want to be true for me? Is what I am feeling what I want to be true for me and finally Is what I am doing what I want to be true for me?

If you find a lot of your thoughts, feelings and actions are negative and what you truly don’t want to experience any more, please proceed to the last item called Keep writing self esteem affirmations. This will help you change your mindset into a more positive one.

Do What You Love:

Examine your hobbies, passions, jobs and careers. Are you doing what you love? Doing what you love is a sure sign of high self esteem. Why? Because you value yourself enough that doing anything less than what you love would be doing a huge disservice to yourself. You MUST do what you love.

Know yourself, there is nothing else to seek and do what you love, are 2 principles I completely believe in and follow. One of the best high self esteem tips.

Extend Love And Kindness To Others:

With love in you there is nothing else to do but extend it. Remember to love and put yourself first in your life. Giving to others when the well is full is far more easier and satisfying than when the well is half or less full.

Keep Writing Self Esteem Affirmations:

Self esteem affirmations are one of the most powerful effective methods of self change and one of the best high self esteem tips. They can literally take hold of a negative mindset and transform it into a positive one.  Please see self esteem affirmations.

These high self esteem tips are necessary reminders of what works to establish and maintain high self esteem.

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