From Emotional Issues To Emotional Stability!

Someone having emotional issues could be fine one minute and burst into tears the next, or fine one minute and very angry the next. They could be raging alcoholics, getting overly angry at the smallest thing. 

Having emotional issues greatly impacts our self esteem! Because self esteem is directly tied to how we genuinely and honestly feel about ourselves when we don't emotionally feel alright, we suffer from low self esteem.

Overcoming Emotional Issues!

The Benefits Of Counseling.

I highly recommend counseling. If someone appears and/or acts emotionally unstable there may be major issues here that need to be addressed. The important thing to do (if at possible) is not to react to the emotional outbursts. If this is a friend or family member, get the help needed. This person could do well in a professional environment where they feel safe and can let down their guard. 

With counseling the possibility of getting to the root cause is possible. That way the person in question can return to a place of normalcy and experience good to high self esteem in his or her life.

Powerful Self Esteem Affirmations!

If the outbursts are not too dramatic, the next thing I recommend is self esteem affirmations.  Self esteem affirmations are a powerful way to self change. 

For example:     I Dave now handle my feelings with ease.
                        I Dave now manage and express myself clearly and calmly.

Write out one of these self esteem affirmations 30 times a day on the left side of a piece of paper.  Then on the right side of the paper, after each affirmation, write the first response that comes to mind.

For example:

Positive self esteem affirmation.                Negative response.
I Dave now handle my feelings with ease.  Yeah right, you’re out of control!

If after a few days of writing these self esteem affirmations, you notice a negative response that shows up more than a few times, pay particular attention. Take this response and turn it around into a positive self esteem affirmation.

For example:  After a few days, I notice this response more than a few times: "Yeah right, you’re out of control." I turn this phrase around to read:  I Dave am in healthy control of myself. Then I start the process all over with this new self esteem affirmation.

I keep writing the affirmations until the responses show up more neutral or even positive. This shows me self change is happening. See self esteem affirmations.

Be Inspired With An Affirmation Poster!

One other recommendation I would make for someone with emotional issues, is to make an affirmation poster. 

This is a fun, playful and creative exercise.  Buy your favorite color poster board and paste positive self esteem affirmations on it.  Simple as that.

One way to discover what affirmations to use is as follows:

Write out all your thoughts and feelings about having emotional issues.

For example:  I can’t control the way I feel.
                     I’m out of control.
                     I’m such a jerk for being so emotional.

Now flip these around to positive self esteem affirmations.

I have healthy control of my feelings.
I am in healthy control.
I value my feelings.

Put these and any more you can think of, on your personal affirmation poster.  Put pictures of yourself on the poster board as well to add more visual power.

Now put the affirmation poster in a place where you will see it.  Let yourself be inspired.  Let self change happen. See affirmation posters.

Emotional issues can be dealt with. With patience, perseverance and the need for positive change, emotional stability and high self esteem is very achievable.

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