What Is Low Self Esteem? All Too Familiar!

What is low self esteem? Low self esteem is one’s honest sincere thought and feeling, that we are not okay with ourselves. Something is the matter with us. We don’t feel good about ourselves.

Self esteem fluctuates. This means we could have a great day – slept well, had a good breakfast, work was productive and fun, great time with the family. We genuinely feel good about ourselves, our self esteem is elevated.

The next day, we slept poorly, skipped breakfast, work was stressful and we argued with the family. We genuinely don’t feel good about ourselves, we have low self esteem. Do you see how it works?

What is low self esteem? It’s a sign that says we don’t think or feel good about ourselves. And this can vary throughout the year, good self esteem, low self esteem.

Now if the feelings of we don’t feel good about ourselves persist we can have chronic low self esteem. This usually but not always points to an unresolved emotional issue. We could be grieving the loss of a loved one. Everyone grieves in their own way, and sometimes grieving doesn’t resolve itself for a few years.

Mean time we experience low self esteem, particularly if feeling the feelings doesn’t come easy and natural to you and you feel numb most of the time. Emotional suppression is another chronic symptom of low self esteem.

10 Chronic Low Self Esteem Symptoms

1). Depression.

2). Not feeling good enough.

3). Something is wrong, we don’t feel good about ourselves.

4). Feeling undeserving.

5). Hating ourselves.

6). Feeling guilty.

7). Feeling numb. Nothing we do excites us.

8). Feeling what’s the use – a general giving up on life.

 9) Being a rageaholic – addicted to expressing rage or anger.

10). Having addictions – work, sex, drugs, shopping, food etc.

What Is Low Self Esteem?

We all experience low self esteem from time to time when we don’t think and genuinely feel good about ourselves. We can be merciless and even cruel when we judge or criticize ourselves. We can be so hard on ourselves, so full of perfection and grandiosity and even victim consciousness, that it’s a wonder we can feel good about ourselves at all.

We really need to lighten up and not take ourselves so seriously. If we can learn to laugh at our troubles, our foibles, our crazy way of doing things, our dramatic gestures, we can then really feel better about ourselves. Feel better about our lives too.

What is low self esteem? It’s a reminder we need to up the love for ourselves. It’s a reminder we need to put ourselves first in our life. Finally, it’s a reminder that we need to really value ourselves and what we are doing.

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