What Is High Self Esteem? Really Loving Yourself!!

What is high self esteem?

What is high self esteem? High Self Esteem Is The Inner Feeling That You Know And Like, Even Love Yourself!!

Not love yourself from a selfish view point. Love yourself from a spiritual viewpoint – an inner honest feeling of a great liking for oneself.

Having high self esteem, means that you KNOW you are responsible for yourself and everything in your life. You generally keep your personal power and don’t give it away easily. You also spend more time on focusing on what you want and spend the time, money and love, actively pursuing it. In other words you know yourself there is nothing else to seek, AND you do what you love.

If you were one of the fortunate few that got all their dependency needs met as children, then you have high self esteem.

However, if like the rest of us, you did not get all your dependency needs met, then you must do “the work” to achieve high self esteem.

Low self esteem is the end result of not getting our dependency needs met.

Doing “the work” usually involves some kind of self exploration, to determine why we are the way that we are, and what to do about it, to make changes if we feel the need to do so.

Self exploration can involve taking personal growth courses, seminars and workshops, meditation, participating in this website, walking or being quiet in nature and going within, and more conventional methods like reading books and seeing a family psychologist or consellor. What you get out of these personal inquiries is directly related to what you put in. The more you put in, the more you get out.  

I would say, learning to take responsibility for oneself and one’s life is the very first step towards achieving high self esteem. When one doesn’t take responsibility, one feels like a victim of one’s circumstances. One gives personal power away to people, places or things and life is just miserable and doesn’t work.

When we realize that all the things in our world, like my body, my health, my feelings and thoughts, my opinions and judgements, my money, my relationships, my family etc etc have ME in common with them, we are now learning to take responsibility.

If you have courage and faith in your process, you can get the answers, and finally hear the real truth about yourself. It takes real bona fide work and the rewards are priceless. What is high self esteem? It is the honest, sincere feeling of self love!!

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