Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem Are Endless!

Symptoms of low self esteem are all too familiar. They describe what most of us experience at various times in our lives.

10 Symptoms Of Low Self Esteem

1.      Being irresponsible

2.      Feeling like a victim of one’s circumstances

3.      Feeling depressed

4.      Sedentary lifestyle – I don’t care that I don’t care

5.      Feeling hopeless and helpless

6.      Broke – have no or little money

7.      Experience poor health

8.      Relationships don’t work

9.      Poor communication skills

10.   Feel responsible for others

What is the one thing we can do to erase these symptoms of low self esteem? What is the one thing we can do to make us feel better? Two words, just two words. Take responsibility.

Take responsibility for what? For everything in our life. Our thoughts, feelings and actions. Our health, money and relationships. Everything that belongs to us!!

When we take responsibility what we are really doing is claiming ownership over our entire lives. We leave nothing out. We own it all. We increase our self awareness to include our opinions of others and our judgements of others. Especially our opinions and judgements of others which is all a fabrication of our ego minds.

Our ego mind is the voice in our heads that tells us in no uncertain terms that we are not good enough; we don’t have what it takes; we don’t do it good enough; there’s something wrong with us; we are not worthy, not deserving etc etc. Its function is its own survival. Nothing more, nothing less.

EGO or Edge God Out! What does this mean? The purpose of the ego mind is its own survival and to edge God out. When we give our power away to our ego minds what we are really doing is simply listening to our ego mind and believing in what it is saying.

Edging God out is another way of saying that we are choosing to listen to our ego mind rather than our higher mind. What is our higher mind? This is where truth lives. This is where what is best for us in any given situation is there for the asking. What’s the highest thought or best thought for me? It is a part of our spiritual self.

Unless we are aware that we have a higher mind, we will listen instead to our ego mind. How do we stop doing this? Take responsibility.

How do we do this? Do self esteem affirmations. Write out on a piece of paper “I (your first name) am responsible for my life”. Write your ego minds response immediately after. Your ego minds response is the first thought you have (usually negative), after writing the affirmation. Write the self esteem affirmation 30 times a day with the ego minds response.

After a week or so, notice if there is an ego minds response that repeats itself the most. Now, take that statement, flip it around to a positive self esteem affirmation, and repeat the process, writing it out 30 times a day with the ego minds response.

Keep going until your ego minds response is mostly neutral and or positive.

What you are doing is subconsciously releasing all the negativity and resistance you have built up internally to being responsible.

What’s left? What do you do after releasing the symptoms of low self esteem? Two words, just two words – take responsibility. 

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