Self Worth Is Vitally Important!

Having self worth is essential to having self esteem.

To Establish Our Self Worth? We Are Born With It!!

However, if we did not get our dependency needs met at the various childhood development stages, we feel less worthy and have reduced self esteem.

If we did get these dependency needs met, our level of self esteem stays the same.

One can see why it is of vital almost urgent importance that we do whatever it takes to ensure we help get met our children’s dependency needs. If we can meet all or almost all these important needs, we can ensure our children will grow up to be happy, healthy successful adults.

What Are Dependency Needs?

Dependency needs are needs at the critical childhood development stages that children can not get met on their own. They need the help of their parents or primary caregivers. See dependency needs.

If we feel we ourselves, did not get our own dependency needs met as children, we can go back to do the inner work, to help get these needs met.

Doing The Inner Work

Doing the inner work is changing one's mindset from a negative one to a positive one. In this case it is working with self esteem affirmations.

If one is feeling unworthy, rest assured doing self esteem affirmations will do the trick in making you worthy again.

Simply write out 30 times a day, I (your first name) am worthy. To the immediate right, write out your ego minds response. Your ego minds response is the first thought you think (usually negative), after writing the affirmation.

After a week or so notice if there is an ego minds response that repeats itself the most. Now take that response, flip it around into a positive self esteem affirmation and repeat the process with the ego minds reply.

For example:

I write I Dave am worthy. My ego minds response that repeats itself the most is, "you're not worth the effort". I then turn that statement into a positive one I Dave, am worth the effort with the ego minds response.

I keep repeating the process until my ego minds response is mostly neutral or positive. This is how I will know my mindset is changing to a more positive one.

There is nothing we have to do to establish our self worth.  At the risk of repeating myself, this statement must be repeated because it is so important to get.

We live in my opinion in an external environment with emphasis on doingness. What does this mean?

An external environment is where attention goes to what is happening outside of ourselves. As opposed to attention going to what is happening inside of ourselves, for example, how does one feel about such and such? Feelings happen inside the body, not outside.

Emphasis on doingness rather than beingness, means we place more importance on getting things done than on our overall well being.

Self worth is not external. It is an internal feeling. It is in the realm of beingness.

Isn’t it amazing that we are born with self worth? In a world where achievement is held in high regard, it is remarkable to me that something so vital to our existence, has nothing to do with what we do.

Self worth means feeling worthy of who we are and is not dependent on what we do, or don’t do. Self esteem means how we genuinely and sincerely feel about ourselves. Both happen internally and are not found in an external environment.

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