Self Esteem Speaker The Important Points!

If I was a self esteem speaker, what would I talk about? What would be my message? What would be the important points?  Here is a sample of a speech I would give.

My First Speech As A Self Esteem Speaker

“Good evening. As a self esteem speaker I am here to talk about the most important thing in your life. No it’s not your health, it’s not your money, or your relationships with your partner, friends and family. It’s definitely not your career or job. Then what is it? What could this be if it isn’t those things?

This “thing” determines the quality of your health. It determines how well you handle money and how much money you have. It determines the quality of all your relationships and it even determines the choice of doing what you love.

Then what is this thing? What is this one thing that determines so much in our lives? It’s our self esteem.

What is self esteem? Why is self esteem so important? Self esteem is what we genuinely, honestly think and feel about ourselves. It’s so very important because to the degree that we feel good or even great about ourselves determines whether or not we are happy, healthy and successful.

Why is this so? Why does what we think and feel about ourselves be that important and necessary to experiencing a great life or an unhappy life if we don’t like ourselves?

Here is the big secret to living a happy, healthy, successful life. Improve your self esteem. That’s it! Speech over time to go home. Just kidding.

Now I’m going to give you a bigger secret. We live in 2 worlds. The outer world made up of people, places and things. We also live in an inner world made up of thoughts, beliefs, feelings and our spiritual self whatever you conceive that to be. The outer world must and always reflect the inner world. This is so important to get I cannot emphasize it enough.

The outer always reflects the inner. Here’s the key. The key to happiness, great health and success. Where does our self esteem reside? Does it live in our outer world, made up of people, places and things? No it does not.

In other words no amount of fixing or trying to make things better in our outer world first, will increase our self esteem or improve our health, happiness and success. Self esteem does not live in our outer world. It lives in our inner world, made up of our thoughts, feelings, beliefs and our spiritual self.

Now this is very very important to get. As I said earlier the outer always and must reflect the inner. Change the inner, increase your self esteem and your outer world MUST change to reflect those inner changes made. These changes will manifest themselves in a happier, more satisfying set of circumstances. The outer world must and always reflect the inner world.

You want to be a better you?! Raise your self esteem! You want to live a great life?! Raise your self esteem. You want to really know yourself and do what you love?! Raise your self esteem.

In the next talk I will give you very specific ideas and techniques on how to raise your self esteem. Thank you.”

As a self esteem speaker this would be my first speech.

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