Self Esteem Definition A Basic Idea!

The self esteem definition is as follows – self esteem is defined as what we honestly, genuinely think and feel about ourselves.

Deep down what do we think and feel about ourselves? Do we like ourselves, even love ourselves or do we dislike even hate ourselves?

How do we find out? Where do we look? Our world is made up of 2 parts. The outer world, made up of people, places and things, and the inner world, made up of thoughts, feelings, beliefs and our spiritual selves whatever we conceive that to be.

Self esteem lives in our inner world. In other words no amount of fixing and or changing things in our outer world first, has any lasting or permanent effect on our self esteem. For example: say we hate our job and decide to quit and get another one. If we just do that WITHOUT working on our self esteem first, just change jobs, nothing will change. We won’t be satisfied or happier.

We must work on our self esteem first. We must see and feel that we deserve to be doing more of what we love to do. The outer world always reflects the inner world. What does this mean? When a person makes positive changes to their self esteem (the inner world), the outer world made up of people, places and things must change to reflect the new positive thoughts and feelings. These changes are in the form of a happy set of external circumstances.

Please see self esteem affirmations for a powerful technique on how to change one’s negative mindset into a positive one and greatly increase one’s self esteem.

Self Esteem Definition

How we honestly, genuinely think and feel about ourselves has nothing to do with our own personal self-criticisms and self-judgements about ourselves.

However, they are an indication of whether or not we like or dislike ourselves. If we in general have a lot of criticisms and judgements about ourselves this indicates that we don’t like ourselves and are suffering from low self esteem. Now the opposite is also true. If our self-talk only includes a few criticisms and judgements, then it is accurate to say that overall we like ourselves.

Do you see how it all works? Pay attention to your self talk. In general do you build yourself up or tear yourself down? Are you your own best friend or your worst enemy?

The self esteem definition is pretty basic and straight forward. Self esteem is what we think and feel about ourselves.  

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