Self Esteem Building Exercises! Forgiving!

This is the Granddaddy of all self esteem building exercises. It is the one stop shopping for improving self esteem. Better than doing self esteem affirmations, and better than learning to take responsibility.

It is a 7 letter word to make our ego minds shake in its own boots. It is a 7 letter word to make our negative mindsets, our low self esteem, finally give up its stranglehold on our souls and give in.

The Best Of The Self Esteem Building Exercises!


There you have it. The word is out! To apologize is good. To forgive is divine. The Granddaddy of all self esteem exercises has been revealed!

In my self esteem training, we had a saying that went, the way out, is the way through. Meaning the way out of a negative situation was to go through the negative situation to get to the other side. The other side being some kind of positive resolution where love, peace and understanding reside.

Often the last thing we need to do to resolve a negative situation and the one that gets forgotten the most, is to forgive ourselves and the other person or persons, if others are indeed involved.

What does it mean to forgive? What am I really saying when I say I forgive you? When I say I forgive you I am releasing any and all resentment I have against you and I am also giving up the need to punish you.

I stop the need to be right at all costs. I am now willing to be wrong and happy! I am now offering myself and you, peace, love and understanding.

Do you see how this could be enormously freeing for ourselves and the people we forgive? Do you see how one of the best, self esteem building exercises is so powerful and effective?

To forgive ourselves and others is the most powerful thing we can do to increase our self esteem. Nothing else even comes close. Forgiveness is ultimately a gift to ourselves. It releases us from the emotional bondage of criticism, judging and resentment, towards ourselves and others.

I remember doing a self esteem affirmation on forgiving my Dad. When I finished doing the affirmation I literally felt lighter in my body. It was like a weight had been lifted from my soul.

Situations That Need Our Forgiving!

1). When our self-talk (that voice inside our head) is unusually negative, self-critical and self-judgemental. Say to yourself I forgive myself. Keep saying this until the negative voice, your ego mind, quiets down.

2). When we have an argument with our child, a brother or sister, a parent, a friend or a spouse etc. When we have finally come to some kind of positive resolution, say to yourself, I forgive myself and I forgive (the other person).

The Most Powerful Self Esteem Affirmation I Know!

Write out on a piece of paper, I (your first name) completely forgive myself. The word completely is very important. When you are finished substitute myself for anybody else you need and want to forgive.

Write this affirmation out 70 times a day for 7 consecutive days. If you become emotional doing this exercise give yourself permission to feel.

Your feelings are important. You can’t heal what you don’t feel. You can heal what you do feel. Feeling feelings is all part of the healing process and raising self esteem.

Forgiving ourselves and others is one of the best, if not the best, self esteem building exercises I know.

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