Self Esteem And Depression A Double Edged Sword!

Self esteem and depression are directly tied to one another. When self esteem increases one is less likely to be depressed.

What Is Depression?

Metaphysically speaking depression is anger that you don’t feel you have the right to express. In other words one is suffering from suppressed anger.

Now I know this is not your typical diagnosis when it comes down to conventional medicine. Please keep an open mind and just try it on for size.

What To Do About Self Esteem And Depression.


Self esteem affirmations:

It is safe and rewarding for me (your first name) to feel and release my anger.

The more I (your first name) feel and release my anger, the better I feel.

I (your first name) am a powerful man or woman.

I (your first name) feel safe when I feel and release my anger.

Pick one, two or all four and write them each out 30 times a day. Do this on the days you are doing the emotional work on anger.

Emotional work:

If you feel angry or even think you might feel angry, especially if you are depressed, rest assured the following exercise will help.

Take a baseball bat or tennis racquet and beat the crap out of your bed. That’s right, you read it right! You are not hurting yourself and you’re certainly not hurting the bed. To make this exercise even more powerful and meaningful, before you do any thrashing of the bed, do this written exercise.

Write down all the things you feel angry about. Pick the one that you feel most angry about. Flip that statement around into a positive self esteem affirmation. Now, when you beat the bed, say or better yet, yell out that positive statement.

Give yourself permission to really be angry. Remember, the bed won’t take it personally. Really let go and get into it.


I’m angry because my life sucks.    Positive self esteem affirmation: My life is great!!

I’m angry because nothing is working out.  Positive self esteem affirmation: Everything is working out!!

I’m angry because I am broke.    Positive self esteem affirmation. I (your first name) am a powerful, prosperous man/woman!!

I’m angry because my girlfriend/boyfriend dumped me.   Positive self esteem affirmation. I (your first name) now forgive (first name of ex girlfriend/ex boyfriend).

I’m angry because I don’t feel good enough.  Positive self esteem affirmation. I (your first name) am good enough just the way I am.

Do this exercise when you’re alone in the house or if you have family around explain to them what you are about to do. Lock the bedroom door if you can.


You might feel half-hearted about doing this exercise for self esteem and depression and won’t allow yourself to fully get into it. You might also feel somewhat embarrassed and uncomfortable about expressing the anger. No one has ever died of embarrassment or being uncomfortable. The more you put into it, the more you’ll get out of it.

If you are really into it and you are somewhat surprised at the amount of anger that keeps coming up and you start to feel overwhelmed. Take a break. Feelings only need to be felt AND released, nothing more needs to be done with them.

If we have a lot of anger and it hasn’t been expressed in an appropriate manner, it may take a few sessions of beating the bed to express it all.

How do you beat the bed and yell out “My life is great” when there is absolutely no evidence to speak of that one’s life is great?!!

Trust in the process. Get out of your head – don’t try to figure it all out. Expressing and releasing the anger is the main intention of this exercise for self esteem and depression.

Expressing and releasing anger in a way that doesn’t hurt yourself or others, is a powerful powerful way to release and heal the past, feel joyous and experience more love for oneself.

When one expresses “old anger” and releases it, one lightens up and stops being so “heavy”, depressed and dragged down. 

Self esteem and depression go hand in hand. When one has low self esteem the possibility of also being depressed rises dramatically especially when anger is suppressed. When the anger is felt and released and replaced with positive feelings, self esteem increases.

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