Self Esteem Activities For Kids Playful And Fun!

Self esteem activities for kids is all about feeling good and playing. How do we accomplish this?

By doing a self esteem activity, the best self esteem activity I can think of, guaranteed to raise a child’s self esteem and have some fun at the same time.

Self Esteem Activities For Kids

The best self esteem activity for kids is to make an affirmation poster or better yet a vision board where you combine words with pictures. An affirmation poster is simply a poster board with positive, in the present moment statements.

For example: I Johnny like myself. I Janice am confident and capable. Do you see how they are written? First tense in the present moment.

With vision boards the only difference is you add pictures to the mix. These pictures must be positive and resonate with the child - must be something he or she relates to.

How To Make An Affirmation Poster Or Vision Board

Purchase a poster board one that is your child’s favorite color. You can buy poster boards at a drug store or art supply shop. They only cost a few dollars each.

Write out or help your child write out several self esteem affirmations. Make the printing big so they’ll stand out on the poster board. For example:

I Johnny like myself.

I Janice am confident and capable.

I Danny like to learn new things.

I Debra love my family and my family loves me.

All my feelings are important.

I David am deserving and good enough.

One way to help you (the parent) suss out what would be a good affirmation for your child is to find out from your child the “baddest” most negative thought they have about themselves, and flip it around into a positive self esteem affirmation.

For example: Say Johnny’s most negative thought is for whatever reason he doesn’t like himself. Take that statement, flip it around to, I Johnny like myself.

Now once a set of affirmations are written out in large text, cut out each affirmation with scissors and use a glue stick to glue each affirmation to the poster board.

Once all the affirmations are glued to the poster board find a recent happy picture of your child, and glue that to the center of the poster board. Have the child print his or her name at the bottom of the picture.

With vision boards everything is the same except you are adding more pictures to the poster board. Use old magazines to be recycled for this exercise. Help your child find pictures that mean something to him or her. For example: A family on vacation having fun together; a brand new bike; a birthday party celebration; a day at the beach or a picture of friends, arms draped around shoulders.

What this activity does is get your child to focus on what she or he wants out of life in that particular moment.

More Self Esteem Activities For Kids

Another self esteem activity for kids is have them write out at bedtime, all the positive things they experienced that day. It doesn’t have to be a long list – maybe just 2 or 3 things. This will also help them focus on the positive before they go to sleep.

One last self esteem activity is to help your kids when they have nightmares about monsters chasing them. Tell them to go back to sleep and if they have the same nightmare, to stop running, turn around and give the monster a present. Let your child determine what this present will be. This will hopefully stop the nightmares and may even bring a smile to yours child’s face.

On a deeper more psychological level you are teaching your child to be friends with his or her shadow side. The shadow side is made up of our primal fears, worries and concerns. Another name for the shadow side is our ego mind. That part of our mind that doesn’t want us to win at life.

By doing these self esteem activities for kids your kids will be refocusing themselves on what they really really want, feeling better about themselves and boosting their self esteem.

Also in doing these self esteem activities for kids, you are creating some wonderful and empowering time with your children.

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