Self Awareness The Key To Change!

Self awareness is absolutely necessary in the process of change and developing self esteem.

Without it, change is not possible. With it, anything is possible.

What Is Self Awareness?

It is being aware of one’s self, of one’s inner world. It is not about the outer world, the world of things, places, and people. It is about one’s feelings, thoughts and the spirit world, whatever one conceives that to be.

Why Is Self Awareness So Necessary For Change?

If one doesn’t recognize the need for change then change does not happen. The key word here is recognize.

For example:

I was overweight, bordering on obese. I knew I was overweight and felt tired, sluggish and had low energy. However, I continued snacking each and every night having chips, cookies or cake. Internally, I recognized, in order to shed this excess weight I needed to let go of the snacking.

About a year ago I took action and released the snacking. Now I am a pound above my ideal weight at 176 pounds, having lost a total of 47 pounds. 

Without the self recognition of the need to lose weight to feel better in my body, nothing would have happened, except for more possible weight gain.

I would have taken no action.

How Does One Increase Self Awareness?

Simply pay attention to one’s inner world. What do I mean by that? Pay attention to what is being felt when one is doing something.

For example:

When I was gaining weight and snacking every night, I felt numb. In other words, I didn’t feel anything at all. I was also feeling more tired and sluggish.

When I really paid attention to what exactly I was feeling I recognized the fear and frustration. Fear of really feeling good in my body and frustration at my lack of action in this area. When I felt the fear and frustration, I felt better about taking action to shed the excessive weight.  

Another example:

Let’s say one is going on a blind date, having no preconceived idea of what the other person is like or looks like. You meet up and go to a fancy restaurant. Sitting across from each other, you start to get impressions of the other person.

The first thing you notice is the other person is somewhat overweight and their teeth a bit crooked. You immediately feel turned off as physical attractiveness is important to you. If physical attractiveness was not that important you would overlook these 1st impressions and focus on other things.

Having more awareness allows one to focus on what really works and what one truly wants. It greatly improves and enhances self esteem.

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