Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem To Boost Self Esteem!

Positive affirmations for self esteem are positive, in the present moment, statements, guaranteed to raise self esteem.

These specific affirmations are directly tied to one’s self esteem. Remember, self esteem is our honest and sincere opinion, and feeling, about who we are. It is has nothing to do with self judgements or others judgements and opinions about us.

Even if we feel that we are not good enough and that is how we honestly and sincerely, think and feel, about ourselves, than that is the present state of our self esteem.

Now if you have low self esteem, please don’t judge yourself for it or be critical of yourself. If you can and are willing to make the effort, ACCEPT yourself wherever you are at. It (having low self esteem) doesn’t mean anything about you.

It doesn’t mean you are less of a person because someone else, maybe a spouse, family member or friend, has higher self esteem. It just means that this is where you are at right now. Self esteem fluctuates with how we genuinely feel about ourselves. Change the way we feel and increase our self esteem. Simple as that.

Even doing something for ourselves such as reading a new book by a favorite author can increase our self esteem because we are doing something that we value and makes us feel good inside! See, that wasn’t hard, was it?

The more we do things that we genuinely value and makes us feel good inside the higher our self esteem rises.

Positive Affirmations For Self Esteem

1). I (your first name) am worthy. I (your first name) value myself.

2). I (your first name) am deserving.

3). I (your first name) am good enough. I also do it more than good enough.

These positive affirmations for self esteem are especially designed to confront and change our most basic beliefs about ourselves into positive, powerful statements that will ultimately change our external circumstances to reflect the new inner beliefs.

Now take each of the affirmations above and write them in this new way:

1st person: I (your first name) am worthy. I (your first name) value myself. Write this affirmation 10 times on a piece of paper.

2nd person: You (your first name) are worthy. You (your first name) value yourself. Write 10 times.

3rd person: (your first name) is worthy. He values himself. Write 10 times.

Write the affirmation 30 times a day. By writing the affirmation in the 1st, 2nd and 3rd person, you are incorporating what you say, someone else says and what is being said about you. It covers all the bases.

Keep writing the affirmation until you feel better within. This is how you will tell, the affirmation is working.

Positive affirmations for self esteem are powerful positive statements, written to improve self esteem.

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