A Poor Self Image Is Only Temporary! 

Having a poor self image means we think of ourselves as not important.  We don’t value ourselves and what we do very highly and suffer from low self esteem. 

It may also manifest itself as someone who can’t get things done, is miserable, always trying to get their life together and never succeeding.

According to Webster’s Dictionary, self image means the following: “one’s concept of oneself and one’s identity, abilities, worth etc.”

So what do we do now? We change the image.  How do we do this when we are feeling lousy and nothing is working? How do we have a great self image?

Changing A Poor Self Image Into A Great Self Image!

Using Self Esteem Affirmations For Positive Change.

Using self esteem affirmations is a powerful way to create self change.  They work at the subconscious level and change our negative thoughts and feelings about ourselves, into positive ones.

Example:  Let’s say I have a poor self image of myself.  Here is a self esteem affirmation I might write.

I Dave am a confident, powerful, good enough man.  This self esteem affirmation says I am confident, I get things done, I am powerful, I don’t feel like a victim of my circumstances, and I am good enough just for being me.  This is a powerful life changing self esteem affirmation.

The Process:

I write out this affirmation 30 times a day.  On the immediate right of each self esteem affirmation, I write out my first most immediate response that comes into my head.  This is usually negative and that’s okay.

What I am now looking for after a few days of writing this affirmation, is a negative response that shows up more than once, ideally 3, 4 or maybe even 5 times.  I then take this negative response and turn it into a positive self esteem affirmation and start writing it 30 times a day.

This is called coning down.  We are getting to the root cause of our poor self image. 

We repeat this process until the negative responses become more neutral maybe even positive.  This is when we know the positive self esteem affirmation is taking hold in our subconscious minds.

Make An Affirmation Poster To Help Create A New Self Image!

Affirmation posters are a wonderful technique to help us stay focused on creating our new self image.

Here’s a fun exercise to do.  Write down everything associated with poor self image.  Feelings, thoughts and actions. 

For example:  Feel lousy most of the time.  Don’t have any energy, no get up and go. I’m hard on myself. My life is a mess.  I wish I didn’t weigh this much.  I wish I was smarter etc etc etc.  Write it all out. 

Then write out the opposite.  Turn all these negative statements into positive self esteem affirmations.

For example:   Feel lousy most of the time.   I feel great most of the time.
                      Don’t have any energy.          I have lots of energy.
                      I’m hard on myself.               I am easy on myself.
                      My life is a mess.                  My life works.

Put these new positive self esteem affirmations on a favorite color poster board.  Now, to add some more visual power put some pictures of yourself on the affirmation poster.  Make sure you are smiling in the pictures. 

Give the affirmation poster a timeline, say a year.  What this means is that you are giving yourself 1 year to turn your life around.  Very doable.

Having a poor self image is not permanent nor does it mean anything bad about you.  It is also fairly easy to turn into a great self image.  It’s just practice. Practice with the self esteem affirmations and the affirmation poster board.  Let yourself win and experience good to great self esteem.

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