Overcoming Fear Is Not An Option!

Overcoming fear is an illusion. There is nothing to overcome. Feel the fear and do it anyway!! This does wonders for our self esteem!!

Fear is just a feeling, nothing more, nothing less. It is just like all are other feelings such as sadness, guilt, joy and love.  A feeling needs to be felt AND released. Take a big breath in and just let go. Keep doing this until you can feel the fear begin to lessen.

Often times when we feel fear we think we automatically have to do something about it. We are still busy reacting rather than creating. It’s more important that we feel the fear rather than suppressing it by taking action over and above the fear.

Be bigger than your fear by owning the fear. I have fear rather than fear has me. I am feeling fearful rather than being fearful owns me. It’s all a matter of perception and ownership.

Overcoming Fear

For example: I used to have a fear of Doctors. Now having cancer (please see About Me for more info), I see Doctors once a month. I even laugh with them and joke around. My fear has lessened. Something I have come to realize is that fear isn’t real. It’s a feeling about something or someone and not the truth about it.

My fear of Doctors was based on they are more powerful than me. I am nobody compared to them. When I first had cancer I was determined to be treated like a human being and not just a body. So I called all the Doctors I saw, even the surgeon, by their first name. Most, not all, were comfortable with this.

Calling all the Doctors and the surgeon by their first name, gave me my power back. I kept my personal power rather than give it away to my fear.

I also got to see that my fear of Doctors was NOT the truth about them. I was giving my power away and not noticing it or taking any responsibility for it. Once I realized what I was doing I resolved to consciously change the situation. So I did.

I didn’t honestly know what would occur. Would they get upset? Be indignant. Demand that I call them Dr. so and so. However, I believe they somehow felt my determination to be treated as a man, and acted accordingly. Remember, Doctors are just like anybody else, except they have specialized knowledge, no more, no less.

A powerful technique in dealing with excessive fear is self esteem affirmations. A self esteem affirmation is a positive, in the present moment, statement, designed to change one’s mindset, from a negative one to a positive one.

For example:

I (your first name) am safe, is an affirmation that deals with fear. Write this affirmation 30 times a day. Leave some room on the right side of the paper for your ego minds response. Your ego minds response is the first thought that comes into your head (usually negative) after writing the affirmation. After about a week, notice if there are any ego mind responses that repeat themselves.

Take the one the repeats the most, flip into a positive affirmation, and repeat the process. When your ego minds response is mostly neutral or positive, your mindset is becoming more positive, and the fear will lessen or disappear.

Do The Emotional Work

Scream or yell, I am safe, into a pillow. Do this in the privacy of your bedroom with the door closed and locked and no one home. Keep one hand over your belly to remind you to yell from your stomach, the seat of emotions, and not your throat.

This will help deal with overcoming fear. Do this exercise along with the affirmations to experience a calmer state of mind.

Overcoming fear isn’t necessary. Feeling the fear and releasing it, owning the fear, taking responsibility for the fear, is necessary. Remember, fear is not the truth, only a feeling to be felt and released. In doing this we automatically feel better because we have increased our self esteem!

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