Not Good Enough Today, And Good Enough Before You Know It!

 Feeling not good enough is very common in our world.  Most people on this planet to one degree or another feel this way. It is the most common self esteem issue among humans.

The predominant feeling is that something is wrong with us.  We are not okay the way we are.  There is something flawed about ourselves. This feeling won't go away until we change our negative mind set to a positive one.

Overcome Not Good Enough!

Powerful Self Esteem Affirmations.

The most powerful tool I know is self esteem affirmations.

Example of using a positive self esteem affirmation: 

I Dave feel good enough just the way I am. 

I will write this affirmation on the left side of the page, leaving room for my usual negative response on the right side.

Affirmation.                                                     Response from in my head.

I Dave feel good enough just the way I am.     You aren't worth the effort.

I will keep writing this affirmation until the negative responses become more neutral and change to the positive.  This may take several days to a few weeks.  Something else I note, is if there is a common negative response that appears more often on the right side of the page.

For Example:  If “You are not worth the effort ” shows up a number of times and is the most common negative response, I will turn this negative reply into another positive self esteem affirmation. 

I will then write this new affirmation in the same way I wrote the first one, writing a negative reply after each line of affirmation. Do this for 30 times a day.

What this does is unravel all the main negativity. It is important to be patient with the process.  This may take a few weeks even a month.  However, the end result is feeling better about oneself and increasing one's self esteem.  The end result is feeling good enough just the way you are. 

Sometimes, not always, negative feelings may show up during the affirmation writing.  It’s important to the best of one’s ability to just feel the feelings.  Don’t analyze them, or spend a lot of time trying to figure them out and what they mean.  By giving oneself permission to feel these feelings, the overall negativity will lessen and more positive feelings will take their place.

Feeling good enough just the way you are is a powerful place to be.  It doesn’t matter what circumstances one is in, positive or negative, the feeling good enough stays the same.  It doesn’t matter what happened in the past.  The positive self esteem affirmation work being done now will go a long way in helping to heal this common self esteem issue.

Our human experience is like layers of an onion.  We write an affirmation to help heal feeling not good enough, and we feel better about ourselves for a while.  Maybe a long while. 

Sometimes and actually most often, we feel not good enough again, later down the road.  What to do?  Keep writing the affirmation.  Use it as a tool to heal the past which essentially is all one is doing anyway.  See self esteem affirmations.

Feeling not good enough, is very common.  It is also, fairly easy to turn around, to feeling good enough.  Practice self change with the self esteem affirmations.

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