Low Self Confidence Now, Great Self Confidence Later! 

Having low self confidence means we do not have the belief in our ability to get things done. We don’t trust ourselves that much, have little faith and a poor sense of self reliance and low self esteem.

Life can be a struggle, and it is very hard to get things done in a timely manner.  We “waffle” a lot, procrastinate and worry about what others may or may not be thinking about us. We deflect attention away from us.

Where Does Self Confidence Come From?

Practice, practice and more practice. The more we practice at something, allowing for mistakes to be made along the way, the more we get better at it.

Some of us grow impatient, want immediate results and give up along the way. Then we get frustrated with the process and our self esteem drops.

I remember when I was 11 years old. My Dad enrolled me in guitar lessons. I was so nervous about making a mistake I learned all the major notes before my first lesson.

Use Self Esteem Affirmations To Improve Low Self Confidence.

The best thing we can do is change our mind. How do we do that?  By doing self esteem affirmations. 

For example:  If I am experiencing poor self confidence about something an affirmation I might write would be as follows:

I Dave am a confident man or,
I Dave am a confident man who gets things done easily.

The great thing about self esteem affirmations, is even when we don’t have the evidence, of self-confidence, we can still write the self esteem affirmation.  We don’t have to wait to get self confidence.  By writing out the affirmation we are in the process of changing our mind and having a new experience. 

When writing out the self esteem affirmation, write it out on the left side of the page, leaving enough room to write an immediate response, usually negative.

For example:
I Dave am a confident man who gets things done easily. My first thought is (my ego minds response which is usually negative) Yeah right, you’re just a lazy bum.

Write out the daily affirmation 30 times each day, with the usually negative responses on the right.  After a few days, notice if there is any negative response that is more common than the others. 

For example:

I write out 30 times a day:  I Dave am a confident man who gets things done easily.

I happen to notice after a few days of affirmation writing, a negative response that is showing up more than once, quite a few times actually.  It is “you are nothing but a procrastinator”

Now what I do is take that negative comment and turn it around into a positive self esteem affirmation:

I Dave get things done in a timely manner.  This is accompanied by another response typically a negative one.

I keep writing self esteem affirmations, paying particular notice to negative responses that appear more than once, then I continue to turn these responses into positive self esteem affirmation.  

Eventually the responses become more neutral and this is a good sign.  It means self change is happening and my self esteem is increasing. See self esteem affirmations.

Giving Permission To Practice.

Another great way to change low self confidence is to give oneself permission to practice at whatever one has low self confidence with. 

For example:  Back to the guitar lesson example.  It was really hard at the beginning to learn the notes because this was something I had never done before.  However, I gave myself permission to keep going, make mistakes along the way and keep learning. The end result?  I just got better at playing guitar and joined a band a few years later.

Having low self confidence is fairly easy to turn around to great self confidence and great self esteem.  All it takes is practice.

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