Make Up Your Own Ideal Body Image

An ideal body image is merely a made up perception of what our bodies should ideally look like.  This perception usually does not belong to us.

What is much more important is what do WE want our bodies to look like?  We are the ones with the final say in this matter.  The other question, is what we want realistic and attainable, or unrealistic and there’s no way that’s ever going to happen! 

What Is An Ideal Body Image?

For men is it the V shaped back, slim build, some what muscular, symmetrical face, nice smile, over 6 feet?

For women, 5 ½ feet tall, long hair, curvy body, nice smile, symmetrical face? 

Who has the final say on what is an ideal body image?  Is it the media?  Our friends?  Our family?  TV? Social media?

How about ourselves?  What works for us?  If we eliminate all the external white noise (media, TV, our family, friends etc) and focus on what we want, what happens?  We may discover what we really want independent of anybody else suggesting to us what is in our best interests to have.   Imagine that??!! Focusing on what we want. And the more we focus on what we want, the greater our self esteem is.

We live in our bodies.  In other words if we don’t take care of ourselves, where are we going to live?! A body image is just a made up perception of what some people say, is ideal, and that you should have.  Who is to say they are right?!  What is right for us?

What makes us feel genuinely good in our bodies?  What weight is really right for us so we have enough energy to comfortably get around and then some. 

We are bombarded with all kinds of images and opinions that tell us what an ideal body looks like. The only thing that is important is what kind of image do we want for ourselves concerning our body.  It is our body after all.  We are in charge of it. The more we admit this to ourselves the greater our self esteem becomes!

This Is My Ideal Body Image

  • Body weight is 180 lbs.
  • No belly fat
  • Muscles toned, not large.
  • Lots of natural energy and get up and go.
  • Feel relaxed and alert.
  • Nice smile.
  • Beard trimmed close to my face.
  • Good posture, no slouching.

That’s  it.  I’m happy.  Do I have my ideal body now?  No.  Am I working towards it?  Yes.  Now what works for me may not work for someone else. 

Everyone is different.  We need to take the time to identify the picture of what our ideal body looks like.  Grab a pen and paper and just start writing.  Keep it simple.  Remember we are the ones that have to live with our bodies.

If we have a poor body image this may be a difficult exercise to do.   Again, keep it simple.  Just keep writing.  Writing it down lets us know what we really want.  We can’t change if we don’t know what we want.  If feelings of fear, hopelessness, helplessness, anger, or sadness, come up, just feel them.  Feelings are only meant to be felt and nothing else. 

It is actually a good thing, if these feelings come up because eventually they can be replaced with positive feelings and more self esteem. It takes time for self change to happen.  An ideal body image won’t happen overnight. 

Everyone can have an ideal body image.  If we are clear about what WE want for our bodies we can have it and experience greater self esteem.  The most important thing to remember is Keep it Real. 

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