How To Build Self Esteem? With Positive Change!

How to build self esteem is a powerful, specific, short article on how to improve one’s self esteem. It is designed with only one goal in mind, building self esteem.

How To Build Self Esteem?

There are several ways to build self esteem. The easiest way and the most effective is to increase self awareness. How do we do that? Pay attention to your internal self talk.

Paying Attention To Self Talk

Paying attention to the way we speak to ourselves can reveal to us, whose side are we really on. Our self talk which is usually ego based and negative, can be so self-critical and self-judgemental, it’s a wonder we get anything positive done. We’re stupid, too fat, too tall, too short, not good enough, not deserving, unworthy, poor, unhealthy, the list just goes on and on and on.

How to build self esteem? Learn a new language when we self talk. Learn the language of self-love, self-respect and self-trust.

How Do We Learn A New Language?

The next time something goes wrong or your intentions are thwarted, pay attention to the way you silently speak to yourself. If you can catch yourself being self-critical or self-judgemental, say to yourself, Thank-you for sharing. A simple exercise. Thank you for sharing. Another way to deal with negative self talk, is to say to yourself or even out loud, is I now cancel that thought.

I have allowed my ego mind to express itself, chosen not to believe in that thought and finally released or cancelled that thought by saying thank you for sharing or I now cancel that thought.

You don’t have to believe every thought you think. You do have choice and choice leads to personal power, the ability to create life and not just react to it!!

Self-love, Self-trust, Self-respect.

Anytime we silently say to ourselves, “I hate myself”, say I now cancel that thought or Thank-you for sharing, and then say “I like myself.”

Repeat the above for negative self-talk relating to self-respect and self-trust. Every time you can catch yourself negative self-talking, cancel those thoughts or say Thank-you for sharing. Then say to yourself the opposite of that negative statement. For example replace I hate myself with I Iike myself; I’m so stupid with I am an intelligent person and I am fat and ugly with I am a beautiful woman or handsome man.

We always get what we focus on. We know how to be self-critical and self-judgemental and talk to ourselves in a cruel and demeaning way. How to build self esteem? Learn and focus on a new way to talk to ourselves. Please be patient with the process.

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