High Self Esteem Definition A Win Win!

A high self esteem definition is knowing who one is and doing what one loves!! Know yourself there is nothing else to seek and follow your bliss!!

What does it mean to know who one is? Our world is made up of two parts, the outer world and the inner world. The outer world is made up of people, places and things. It is what most of us relate to on a daily basis and what our North American culture relates to. We live in an external culture.

Now the inner world is made up of thoughts (both ego based and higher mind based), feelings, beliefs and our spiritual self. Most of us are not familiar with this world except when we are upset and our ego based mind natters to us about how stupid, how ugly, slow, old, poor, unhealthy etc etc we are.

As our world is made up of two parts so are our general states of being. The first state is an unconscious one based primarily on reacting to external circumstances. It can be said that whatever happens to us, is what happens to us. We generally have no say in the matter and are at the mercy of our circumstances. This is low self esteem. It is victim consciousness. It is living life not knowing who we really are on the “inside”.

To know ourselves on the inside is to know that we are responsible for the results of our reality. Our clothes, our home, our car, the money we have in the bank, our health etc. is all a function of us knowing who we are on the inside. These are the results of our life choices and we are each responsible for these choices. No person, no place and no thing made us choose what we did. It’s all us.

When we “get this”, when we finally acknowledge “it’s all us” we dramatically improve our self esteem. We experience high self esteem when we also follow our bliss or do what we love.

High Self Esteem Definition

To know who we are on the “outside” as well as on the “inside” and to do what one loves, is having high self esteem.

What Does It Mean To Follow One's Bliss?

To do what one loves is simply that. Do what you love not somebody else’s idea of what you should be doing. Do what YOU love. What do you love doing? What have you always wanted to do but never gave yourself permission to do? Do that.

When you know yourself, you absolutely know what makes you genuinely, honestly happy. You know what you value. You focus on what you want out of life and less if at all, on what you don’t want. By focusing on what we want it becomes much easier to create this happy result.

A high self esteem definition is simply knowing oneself both externally and internally and doing what one loves!

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