Guide To Happiness Focuses On How To Be Happy!

This guide to happiness will show you the way to be happy, healthy and successful and to have great self esteem.

This Guide To Happiness Will Show The Pursuit Of Happiness Is An Illusion, Happiness Is The Way!!

What Does This Mean?

It simply means “be happy now”.  Finding external things like money, cars, clothes and things means we have an expectation that having these “things” will make us happy. They won’t. The happiness will be fleeting and not permanent. Is it possible to experience permanent happiness?  Yes, more often than not.

 Happiness is an internal experience. It happens inside of us, not outside. To truly be happy is to accept life as it is and as it isn’t, with no expectations, regrets or resentments attached.


You wake up and realize the day is your own. It’s your day off. You can do what you want. You feel happy – no regrets about the past or worrying about the future. YOU ARE IN THE PRESENT MOMENT!!

Happiness happens when we are in the present moment. The more we can stay in the present moment, the more happiness and self esteem we experience.

One way to actively stay in the present moment and experience more happiness is to meditate. Meditation can calm the ego mind, that negative voice inside our heads that tells us we are not good enough, we don’t deserve, we are not worthy etc. Meditation activates our being self, not our doing self and creates internal quietness and stillness. This is where true happiness lives.

Letting Go Of Regrets And Resentments That Keep Us Stuck.

Doing this exercise will free us up from the past and greatly increase our self esteem.

Make a list of all your regrets and resentments. Be as thorough as possible. Come back to the list if you need to be complete with the experience. Once you’re done, write the word FORGIVEN across the page. Burn the piece of paper.

Then write this self esteem affirmation 70 times a day, for 7 consecutive days: I (your first name) completely forgive myself. The word completely is important and powerful because it is taking everything into consideration.

If you feel there are others in your life that need forgiving based on your list of regrets and resentments, write the self esteem affirmation for them: I (your first name) completely forgive (the first name of the person you need to forgive). Again, do this 70 times a day, for 7 consecutive days.

This exercise will greatly impact our self esteem in a very powerful, positive way!! We can't help feeling better about ourselves when we forgive ourselves and others.!!

If Only I Had This Then I’d Be Happy Syndrome.

We are constantly bombarded with advertising trying to convince us we won’t be happy until we purchase this product. We must learn to think for ourselves and not let others especially advertisers think for us.

This is a short, sweet, to the point, guide to happiness. Make use of it to experience more true happiness in your own life and to boost your self esteem.

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