Developing Self Esteem Is An Ongoing Process!

Developing self esteem is a necessary, ongoing process. It is necessary and ongoing because of the nature of our reality. We all have problems to solve, situations, sometimes messy ones in which to hopefully resolve. And we all have unconscious childhoods that contain our biggest most powerful lessons.

Developing Self Esteem

The quickest and most effective way to develop self esteem is to pay attention, pay attention, pay attention. Regardless of the problems you are experiencing now or the rotten childhood you might have had, I can’t say it enough times. Pay attention to the thoughts you are thinking and if you can, to the feelings you are feeling. Pay particular attention to any and all negative thoughts.

Write down the most negative thought you have about yourself. Take your time in doing this. You may have a couple, if not several, and it might take a few days or longer, to identify which thought is the most negative.

Take this most negative thought, flip it around and write out a positive self esteem affirmation. For example my most negative thought I have is, I don’t deserve to have what I want. I flip it around, then write out, I Dave deserve to have what I want. I write this statement out 30 times a day. Now besides each affirmation to the right, I write my ego minds response.

My ego minds response is the first thought I have (usually negative) after writing out the affirmation. After a week or so of writing the affirmations with the corresponding ego minds response, you notice a response that repeats itself the most. Take that response, flip it around to a positive self esteem affirmation and write it out 30 times a day, with the corresponding ego minds response.

Keep going with this exercise until you notice the ego minds response becoming neutral and or positive. This is how you will know that you are consciously changing your most negative thought about yourself into a positive one.

What you are doing is unraveling any and all negativity you have around that particular thought. This may take a few weeks or longer. Please persist and stay with the process. The best is yet to come.

That which we constantly affirm, must be true!! If our most negative thought is I don’t deserve, and we consistently affirm, I deserve, then I deserve must be true!! Then the outer reflects the inner occurs. The external world, made up of people, places and things must reflect our internal world, made up of thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Our external world mirrors our new thought, I deserve, and circumstances change to reflect that thought. Isn’t it amazing??!!That’s how real, conscious change works!!

Practice this exercise with other negative thoughts you have about yourself.

Developing self esteem is nothing more than paying attention to our internal world.

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